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Roosevelt in Song

Roosevelt Sheet Music
Roosevelt Sheet Music

Although not known for any singing ability himself, TR was the topic of many songs written during his life. Political songs and songs about the Rough Riders were frequent Rooseveltian tunes.

Some of the less than memorable melodies penned in his memory:

Strenuous Life March and Two Step
William J. Short (Maynard, Mass.: C.H. Persons Music House, 1901)

When Teddy Comes Marching Home
Words by Irving B. Lee; music by W.R. Williams (Chicago: Will Rossiter, 1900)

Roosevelt March: A Tribute to the Memory of Col. Theodore Roosevelt
Composed by F. Carl Jahn (New York: Will Wood, 1919)

We'll Stand by Our President! An American Song for All America
Lee Stuyvesant (New York: Leo Feist, 1902)

Last Updated: November 3, 2021