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Rough Riders Discharge

Rough Riders Discharge
Rough Riders Discharge

Discharge of Major George M. Dunn
September 15, 1898

Roosevelt had been with the Rough Riders troop since May 6, 1898 and was with them through the campaign in Cuba. On September, TR was cleaning up some paperwork in his tent at Camp Wikoff at Montauk on Long Island where the Rough Riders had shipped to be mustered out. He was called out of his tent and found the entire regiment formed up in front of him. The troops he loved and who loved him in return presented him with Frederic Remington's famous Bronco Buster bronze sculpture.

That same day Roosevelt signed discharge certificates for the regiment. Exhibited is the discharge of Major George M. Dunn. In the Remarks section of the document, TR wrote that Dunn [p]erformed with scrupulous fidelity the irksome and indispensable duties of caring for and drilling the Tampa battalion.

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