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Scrapbooks Processing

Using information gleaned from the appraisal, Fred was able to get a better handle on what was in the collection.

photo of one of the pages froma a scrapbook of train-related postcards and pictures

He looked closely at each scrapbook to determine if the scrapbooks had a theme and made notes. This particular scrapbook consisted of railroad postcards and photographs of various railroads.

a staff member labelling one of the scrapbooks from the collection

He then affixed a label to the scrapbook.

photo of some albums from the collection, with Fred's notes

He also inserted his notes into each scrapbook to help later when he began to create a more detailed finding aid. Also, if the scrapbooks need to be disbound to better house the materials therein, the notes helped preserve the integrity of the collection in each and the intent of Mr. Abele when he put the scrapbook together.

Close-up of the notes from three of the scrapbooks

Close-up of the notes from three of the scrapbooks.

staff member making additional notes on one of the boxes that holds a part of the collection

As the scrapbookswere examined more closely, they were grouped according to topic in the boxes and the boxes were relabeled, reflecting what is in them.

Last Updated: February 14, 2022