Frederick Douglass Letters: Letter to Hannah Fuller, April 6, 1857

Letter from Frederick Douglass to Hannah Fuller, April 6, 1857


Rochester April 6, 1857.

My Dear Miss Fuller: I have just got home from my New England tour—and find your note respecting Mr. Browns coming to Rochester. Had I been at home when your note came I should have addressed Mr. Brown a note assuring him of my willingness to assist in getting him a meeting in Rochester for the causes sake. It is now too late for me to get a word to him. He has according to your note left Oberlin ere this. Not having heard from me he will probably infer that no meeting has been arranged for him on the 13th. I enquired of his friends here this morning if they had heard from him and of his intention to come to Rochester and they say no. It would be hazardous therefore to engage Corinthian Hall at an expense of twenty dollars and to get out notices of the meeting for the 13th. You see how the matter stands and will I am sure make all needful explanations to Mr. Brown. I left word at my office when I went into Maine that should Mr. Brown wish a meeting here and desire our assistance we should promptly comply with his wishes. The voice of no worker should be suppressed at this time and personal feelings should not and shall not stand in the way of the emancipation cause so far as I am concerned.

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