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Previously-Funded Projects: Cunningham and Quinn-Library Research Residencies

The following projects have been funded in previous years.


  • New York State politics during the civil war (part of a larger research project, entitled "States of the Union: The Political Center in the Civil War North.")


  • How the Dutch visually presented their national identity in news, maps, prints and illustrated texts of West Africa, New Netherland and New Holland.
  • A biographical study of tenant farmer George Holcomb of Stephentown, NY.
  • History of loggers in the American Northeast.
  • Critical examination of the 19th century firefighting experience.
  • The Decline of the upstate New York Salmon Fishery, 1780-1870.


  • Techniques used by Dutch West India Company to recruit colonists.
  • The struggle for electoral equality by New York's African-American Community
  • The rank and file are determined: Citizenship, authority and mutiny in the Union Army, 1861-1865.
  • "To act in concert, and upon a common principle:" Revolutionary mobilization and conflicting loyalty along the New York warpath.
  • The Adirondack Forty-Sixers cohort study: a systemic approach to humans-mountains interactions.


  • The connection between British Industrialization and American commercial agriculture in the 19th century.
  • How popular and scientific concepts of garbage shaped trash activism in New York City and the US from 1860 to today.
  • A world the printers made: print culture in New York 1730-1830.
  • The 46 ADKers cohort study: how did hikers spatially and socially progress towards their goals, and what did they learn from their hiking experience?
  • Colonial Dutch perception and management of wetlands on western Long Island and Hudson Valley. (Quinn-Library Research Residency)


  • To Elevate the mind: female instruction, women artists and the Hudson River School
  • Influence of 19th century Bishop John McCloskey and 20th century Gov. Martin Glynn on the Irish ethnicity and Attitudes of Albany, NY
  • The gubernatorial administration of Alfred E. Smith and its importance to U.S. political development in the years preceding the New Deal
  • Research for a college text book on the history of New York State
  • Transformation of the Mercantilist system from 1630 through 1790 in New Netherland and Colonial New York (Quinn-Library Research Residency)
  • Sharing Spaces in a new world environment: African-Dutch contributions to North American Culture (Quinn-Library Research Residency)


  • The Cradle of globalization: Iroquois-New York State conflict over infrastructure development from 1950-1956.
  • Achieving energy sustainability through the examination of past energy technology practices at various historic sites in New York State
  • How early 19th Century Americans associated the gothic revival with the American wilderness
  • A long dark shadow: the life and legacy of Anthony Comstock (1844-1915)


  • The role of Yankee/Dutch ethnic relations in the Americanization of Albany, New York.
  • Examination of the persecution of Spiritualists under fortune telling laws as a window into relations between police power and public morality in the early twentieth century.
  • The role of political interest groups and individuals in promoting the repeal of prohibition in New York State.
  • Music in Early Albany, 1820-1850s.
  • Research for annotations to the Fort Orange Records and the New Netherland Papers  (Quinn-Library Research Residency)
  • Dutch vernacular architecture in the former New Netherland area (Quinn-Library Research Residency).
Last Updated: June 4, 2021