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Technology (Applied Science)

600 Technology

Dewey Class Subject Group Collection Level
600 Technology 2B
601 Philosophy and theory 2A
602 Miscellany 1A
602.75 Trademarks and service marks 4
603 Dictionaries, encyclopedias, concordances 3A
604 Technical drawing, hazardous materials technology, history and description with respect to kinds of persons 2B
604.7 Hazardous materials technology 3C
605 Serial publications 2A
606 Organizations 2A
607 Education, research, related topics 1A
608 Inventions and patents (U.S.) 4
609 Historical, geographic, persons treatment 2A
610-619 Medical serials 3A
610 Medical sciences Medicine (standard subdivisions, medical personnel, nursing) 2A
611 Human anatomy 2A
612 Human physiology 2B
613 Promotion of health 2A
614 Forensic medicine, incidence of disease, public preventive medicine 3A
615 Pharmacology and therapeutics 2A
616 Diseases 3A

617 Technology

Dewey Class Subject Group Collection Level
617 Miscellaneous branches of medicine Surgery 3A
618 Other branches of medicine Gynecology and obstetrics 3A
619 Experimental medicine 2A
620 Engineering and allied operations 2A


Engineering for specific geographical regions (NYS and environs)


620.8 Human factors and safety engineering 3C
621 Applied physics 2A
622 Mining and related operations 2A
623 Military and nautical engineering 2A
624 Civil engineering 3A
625 Engineering of railroads and roads 3A
626 (Unassigned)  
627 Hydraulic engineering 3A
628 Sanitary and municipal engineering Environmental protection engineering 3B
629 Other branches of engineering 1B
629.04 Transportation engineering 3A
629.895 Computerized process control 2A
630 Agriculture and related technologies 3A
631 Specific techniques, apparatus, equipment, materials 2A
632 Plant injuries, diseases, pests 3C

633 Technology

Dewey Class Subject Group Collection Level
633 Field and plantation crops 2A
634 Orchards, fruits, forestry 3A
635 Garden crops (Horticulture) Vegetables 2A
636 Animal husbandry 3A
637 Processing dairy and related products 3A
638 Insect culture 2A
639 Hunting, fishing, conservation, related technologies 1A
" (NYS and environs) 3A
640 Home economics and family living 1A
641 Food and drink 1A
641.5974 Cooking characteristics of specific geographic Environments, ethnic cooking (as related to NYS and the Shakers) 3A
642 Meals and table service 0
643 Housing and hosuehold equipment 0
644 Household utilities 0
645 Household furnishings 0
646 Sewing, clothing, management of personal and family living 0
647 Management of public households (Institutional housekeeping) 1A
648 Housekeeping 0
649 Child rearing and home care of sick and infirm 0
650 Management and auxiliary services 2B

651 Technology

Dewey Class Subject Group Collection Level
651 Office services 2B
652 Processes of written communication 1A
653 Shorthand 0
654-656 (Unassigned)  
657 Accounting 2A
658 General management 3A
659 Advertising and public relations 2A
660 Chemical engineering and related technologies 2A
661 Technology of industrial chemicals 2A
662 Technology of explosives, fuels, related products 2A
663 Beverage technology 2A
664 Food technology 2A
665 Technology of industrial oils, fats, waxes, gases 2A
666 Ceramic and allied technologies 2A
667 Cleaning, color, coating and related technologies 2A
668 Technology of other organic products 2A
669 Metallurgy 2A
670 Manufacturing 3A
671 Metalworking processes & primary metal products 2A
672 Iron, steel, other iron alloys 2A
673 Nonferrous metals 2A
674 Lumber processing, wood products, cork 2A
675 Leather and fur processing 2A

676 Technology

Dewey Class Subject Group Collection Level
676 Pulp and paper technology 2A
677 Textiles 2A
678 Elastomers and elastomer products 2A
679 Other products of specific kinds of materials 2A
680 Manufacture of products for specific uses 1A
681 Precision instruments and other devices 1A
682 Small forge work (Blacksmithing) 1A
683 Hardware and household appliances 1A
684 Furnishings and home workshops 1A
685 Leather and fur goods, and related manufactures 1A
686 Printing and related activities 1A
687 Clothing and accessories 1A
688 Other final products, and packaging technology 1A
689 (Unassigned)  
690 Buildings 2A
691 Building materials 2A
692 Auxiliary construction practices 2A
693 Construction in specific types of materials and for Specific purposes 2A
694 Wood construction 2A
695 Roof covering 2A
696 Utilities 2A

000 Generalities

Dewey Class Subject Group Collection Level
697 Heating, ventilating, air-conditioning engineering 2A
698 Detail finishing 2A
699 (Unassigned)  

Collection Level Key

0=Out of Scope;

1a=Minimal level (uneven coverage);
1b=Minimal level (even coverage);

2a=Basic Information level (introductory);
2b=Basic Information level (advanced);

3a=Basic Study or Instructional Support level;
3b=Intermediate Study or Instructional Support level;
3c=Advanced Study or Instructional Support level;

4=Research level;

5=Comprehensive level

Last Updated: June 1, 2021