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400 Language

Dewey Class Subject Group Collection Level
400 Language (General) 1B
401 Philosophy and theory 1B
402 Miscellany 1A
403 Dictionaries, encyclopedias, concordances 3A
404 Special topics 1A
405-406 Standard subdivisions 1A
407 Education, research & related topics 2B
408 Treatment of language with respect to kinds of persons 1A
409 Geographic & persons treatment 1A
410 Linguistics 1B
411 Writing systems 1A
412 Etymology 1A
413 Dictionaries (Polyglot) 1A
414 Phonology and phonetics 1A
415 Grammar 1A
416 (Unassigned)  
417 Dialectology and historical (diachronic) linguistics 1A
418 Standard usage (Prescriptive linguistics) 1B
419 Structured verbal language 1B

420 Language

Dewey Class Subject Group Collection Level
420 English and Old English (Anglo-Saxon) 2A
421 Writing system, phonology, phonetic of standard English 2A
422 Etymology of standard English 2A
423 Dictionaries of standard English 3B
424 (Unassigned)  
425 Grammar of standard English 2B
426 (Unassigned)  
427 Historical and geographic variations, modern nongeographic variations 1A
428 Standard English usage (Prescriptive linguistics)  
Applied linguistics 2A
429 Old English (Anglo-Saxon) 1A
430-439 Germanic (Teutonic) languages (German) 0
Except 433 Dictionaries 1A
Except 439.1 Dutch 3A
440-449 Romance Languages French 0
Except: 443 Dictionaries 1A
445 Grammar of standard French 1A
450-459 Italian, Sardinian, Dalmatian, Romanian, Rhaeto- Romanic languages (General) 0
Except: 453 Dictionaries 1A
455 Grammar of standard Italian 1A

460 Language

Dewey Class Subject Group Collection Level
460-469 Spanish and Portuguese language (General) 1A
Except: 463 Dictionaries 1A
465 Grammar of standard Spanish 1A
470-479 Italic languages, Latin 0
Except: 473 Dictionaries 1A
475 Grammar of classical Latin 1A
480-489 Hellenic languages, Classical Greek (General) 0
Except: 483 Dictionaries 1A
485 Grammar of classical Greek 1A
490-496 Other Languages (General) 0
497 North American native languages (as related to NYS) 4
498 South American native languages 1A
499 Non-Austronesian languages of Oceania, Austronesian languages, miscellaneous languages 0

Collection Level Key

0=Out of Scope;

1a=Minimal level (uneven coverage);
1b=Minimal level (even coverage);

2a=Basic Information level (introductory);
2b=Basic Information level (advanced);

3a=Basic Study or Instructional Support level;
3b=Intermediate Study or Instructional Support level;
3c=Advanced Study or Instructional Support level;

4=Research level;

5=Comprehensive level

Last Updated: June 1, 2021