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000 Generalities

Dewey Class Subject Group Collection Level
001 Knowledge 2A
001.9 Controversial knowledge 1A
002 The book 2A
003 Systems 2A
004 Data processing 2B
010-019 Bibliography 2A
020-028 Library and information sciences 3A
030 General encyclopedic works 2A
033-039 General encyclopedic works in specific languages and language families 1A
050 General serial publications 2A
051 American English-language serial publications 2A
052 General serial publications in English 1B
053-059 General serial publications in other languages 0
060 General organizations and Museology 2A
061 General organizations in North America 2A
062 General organizations in British Isles 1B
063-068 General organizations in other countries 0
069 Museology (Museum science) 3A
070 Documentary media, educational media, news media; journalism; publishing 2B
071 Journalism and newspapers in North America 2A

072 Generalities

Dewey Class Subject Group Collection Level
072 Journalism and newspapers in British Isles 1B
073-079 Journalism and newspapers in other countries 0
080 General collections 1B
081 American English-language collections 1B
082 General collections in English 1A
083-089 General collections in other languages 0
090 Manuscripts, rare books, other rare printed materials 2A
091 Manuscripts 2A
092 Block books 1A
093 Incunabula 1B
094 Printed books 1A
095 Books notable for bindings 1B
096 Books notable for illustrations and materials 1A
097 Books notable for ownership or origin 1A
098 Prohibited works, forgeries, hoaxes 1A
099 Books notable for format 1A

Collection Level Key

0=Out of Scope;

1a=Minimal level (uneven coverage);
1b=Minimal level (even coverage);

2a=Basic Information level (introductory);
2b=Basic Information level (advanced);

3a=Basic Study or Instructional Support level;
3b=Intermediate Study or Instructional Support level;
3c=Advanced Study or Instructional Support level;

4=Research level;

5=Comprehensive level

Last Updated: June 1, 2021