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Collection Levels and Detailed Schedules

Definition of Collection Levels

0=Out of Scope;

1a=Minimal level (uneven coverage);
1b=Minimal level (even coverage);

2a=Basic Information level (introductory);
2b=Basic Information level (advanced);

3a=Basic Study or Instructional Support level;
3b=Intermediate Study or Instructional Support level;
3c=Advanced Study or Instructional Support level;

4=Research level;

5=Comprehensive level

Detailed Schedules

The "Detailed Schedules" are arranged in Dewey Decimal Classification order. Nearly one-thousand sections of the ten main Dewey classes have been described as they are listed in the Dewey Decimal Classification and Relative Index, Edition 21 (Forest Press, 1996).

The current collection level, as explained in the "Definition of Collection Levels" above, is indicated. (The collection level key is also repeated at the bottom of each schedule page.) When there is a variation of collecting levels within a subject group, the collection level for the more specific subject is provided immediately following the general information for the subject group. The legend at the bottom of each page indicates the hierarchical order of the five collection levels.

A distinguishing feature of the "Detailed Schedules" is the emphasis on aspects of subject areas that deal with New York State. Throughout the schedules, the New York State Library's responsibility to collect materials that record the history and culture of New York State is clearly evident. Even where it may not be indicated in the schedules, aspects of subject areas which relate directly to New York State should be collected at a higher collection level. (Throughout the schedules, "New York State" is abbreviated as "NYS".)

Last Updated: September 28, 2021