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A Resource for Childcare Providers


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Summer Reading at New York Libraries is a program of the Office of Cultural Education in the New York State Education Department and is funded through the Federal Library Services and Technology Act, with funds awarded to the New York State Library by the Federal Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Summer Reading at New York Libraries logo

Summer Reading at New York Libraries: An Introduction

Summer Reading at New York Libraries is an annual program that brings children and families into local public libraries for reading and activities. In 2016, 2.1 million New York children, birth to 18 years, participated in the State Library-sponsored program.

The State Library coordinates the program and works with the 23 public library systems (see Appendixes B and C) throughout the state providing a summer reading theme, promotional materials, a creative idea manual, and state-level support. Materials are created as part of the national Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP).
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  • Focus on literacy by engaging children and families in reading and reading-related activities during the summer months. 
  • Foster a love of reading through public library programs and services.
  • Increase successful reading experiences through librarian-supported, self-selected, voluntary reading.
  • Involve parents, caregivers, and all family members in the library summer reading experience.
  • Improve children’s access to library materials and activities, which will encourage them to become lifelong readers and library users.

Childcare providers can use this partner manual as an Early Literacy resource when working with young children and families.

2017 Summer Reading

CSLP Summer Reading Program slogan- Build a Better World

Activities for all at the local public library

Early Literacy - Many public libraries offer a Read-to-Me program, which introduces the summer reading concept to young children.  A parent or caregiver reads aloud to the child and keeps a record of their shared reading. All public libraries offer programs and resources for children birth through age 5 and their caregivers and parents.

Families - Young children join the summer reading program with their parents or families.  Family participation encourages children to join with a family reading partner. It also encourages visits to the public library as a family activity.

Ready to Read at New York Libraries - Ready to Read at New York Libraries is an initiative of the New York State Education Department designed to improve and expand the availability of high quality public library early learning services in local communities across the State. Through this initiative at New York public library outlets, families and caregivers will be provided with the knowledge needed to prepare their young children for their school years ahead.

Events and Activities - Performances, craft programs, story times, computer workshops, and author/illustrator visits are some of the programs offered by public libraries during the summer. Childcare providers should check with their local libraries all summer long for reading materials as well as special programs and activities geared toward the young child. Encourage the families in your care to take advantage of their local public library.

Partner with Your Public Library

Begin a partnership with your local public library and bring early literacy resources to the children and families you serve.

  • Find Your Local Library
  • There are 23 public library systems serving all regions of New York State. Public library youth services experts at each system will be happy to help connect you with your local library and its summer reading program.
    • Map of the 23 Public library Systems (Appendix B)
    • List of Youth Services Early Childhood Consultants for each library system (Appendix C).

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Tips for being a public library partner

  • Help the children in your childcare facility become familiar with the library and feel comfortable with the library staff:
    • Invite the librarian to visit the childcare facility for a story time.
    • Schedule a special time for your group to visit the library for a program and/or to get materials.
  • Ask library staff if they can provide early literacy training for staff at your childcare facility as part of the Ready to Read at New York Libraries training program.
  • Borrow books to read at your childcare facility. Find out if your local library offers a group library card for the childcare facility.
  • Offer to distribute information about the local public library to the families of the children in your facility.
  • Encourage all families to get a library card.
  • Work with the public library and hold a recognition program for those families who participated in the public library summer reading program.
  • Encourage your staff to explore and take advantage of any early literacy professional development offered by your public library or public library system.
  • The public library has summer reading artwork and resources that they can share with their partner childcare providers.
  • Visit http://www.summerreadingnys.orgexternal link icon for information, art, and reading related activities for educators, families, and children.

Summer Reading Websites, Resources, Information, and Materials

Summer Reading at New York Libraries logo

The official Summer Reading at New York Librariesexternal link icon website offers lots of free reading activities, games, links, and suggested reading lists.

  • Resources for parents and educators of children birth to five years, including booklists, coloring pages, and signing videos available under the drop down menu “Birth to 5.”
  • News about the Summer Reading Program available under the “Summer Reading News” tab.

DaybyDayNYexternal link icon is a virtual calendar that changes daily, providing activities and a story for families with young children. The website is designed to help parents and caregivers increase their young child’s cognitive skills and have fun together at the same time. The daily story, provided by One More Storyexternal link icon, is in the form of an eBook that includes original music and sound effects, produced by former Sesame Street Music Director, Robby Merkin. In addition, the website includes monthly activities, storytelling and nursery rhyme videos, rhymes for young children, craft activities for children and their caregivers, a New York State map of museums with activities for families with young children, health information, and reading lists. external link icon– The Performers and Programs site includes a listing of performers and the programs they offer for libraries, schools, and other organizations serving children.

The New York State Library Summer Reading at New York Libraries web page contains information and links for librarians, educators, and other professionals on summer reading, summer reading research, and the Summer Reading at New York Libraries program.

  • There are lots of flyers, posters, and brochures available through the “Downloadable Materials” link, including “Easy Ways to Grow a Great Reader” parent tip-sheet in ten different languages.  “Easy Ways to Grow a Great Reader” can also be found in Appendix A.
  • The “Explore New York” link offers four reading lists of books, including a list of picture books, and downloadable bookmarks, all focused on New York State.

Image of a castle constructed with building blocks

Great Resources for Young Children

The following resource lists were created by the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) for use in support of the 2017 Summer Reading Program at public libraries.

All About You

Image of a young boy with finger puppets on his hand


  • Ajmera, Maya, Victoria Dunning, and Cynthia Pon. Healthy Kids. Charlesbridge, 2013. 32 p. (978-1580894364)
  • Barner, Bob. Dem Bones. Chronicle, 1996. 32 p. (978-0811808279)
  • Beaumont, Karen. I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More. HMH Books for Young Readers, 2005. 32 p. (978-0152024888)
  • Carle, Eric. From Head to Toe. HarperCollins, 1997. 32 p. (978-0061120244)
  • Chapman, Jared. Vegetables in Underwear. Harry N. Abrams, 2015. 40 p. (978-1419714641)
  • Cronin, Doreen. Wiggle. Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2005. 40 p. (978-0689863752)
  • Dyckman, Ame. Wolfie the Bunny. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2015. 40 p. (978-0316226141) BR021053
  • Ehlert, Lois. Eating the Alphabet: Fruits and Vegetables from A to Z. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1989. 40 p. (978-0152244354)
  • Freymann, Saxton, and Joost Elffers. How Are You Peeling? Scholastic, 2004. 48 p. (978-0439598415, pap.)
  • Gates, Mariam. Good Night Yoga: A Pose-by-Pose Bedtime Story. Sounds True, 2015. 32 p. (978-1622034666) BR021058
  • Hicks, Barbara Jean. Monsters Don’t Eat Broccoli. Knopf Books for Young Readers, 2009. 40 p. (978-0375856860)
  • McGuire, Leslie. Brush Your Teeth, Please: A Pop-Up Book. Reader’s Digest, 2013. 12 p. (978-0794430405)
  • Rosenthal, Amy Krouse. Little Pea. Chronicle, 2005. 36 p. (978-0811846585)
  • Shannon, George. One Family. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2015. 32 p. (978-0374300036)
  • Shea, Bob. Dinosaur vs. Bedtime. Disney-Hyperion, 2008. 40 p. (978-1423113355)
  • Thompson, Lauren. Hop, Hop, Jump! Margaret K. McElderry, 2012. 32 p. (978-1416997450)
  • Willems, Mo. The Pigeon Needs a Bath! Disney-Hyperion, 2014. 40 p. (978-1423190875)
  • Wilson, Karma. Bear’s Loose Tooth. Margaret K. McElderry, 2011. 40 p. (978-1416958550)

Web Resource

Audio CDs

  • Singable Songs for the Very Young: Great with a Peanut-Butter Sandwich by Raffi. Rounder, 1998. (B0000003H4). Includes the song “Brush Your Teeth.”
  • Time for Music by Frank Leto. Frank Leto, 1987. (889406089518). Includes the song “Coconut Soap.”


  • DNA Play. Avokiddo, 2015. $2.99. iOS, Android.
  • Faces iMake: Right Brain Creativity. iMagine Machine Israel LTD, 2015. $2.99. iOS.

Build a Better World

Image of a young girl behind a set of building blocks


  • Brown, Peter. The Curious Garden. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2009. 40 p. (978-0316015479) DBC05189
  • Child, Lauren. We Are Extremely Very Good Recyclers. Dial, 2009. 32 p. (978-0803733350)
  • Cole, Henry. Jack’s Garden. Greenwillow, 1995. 24 p. (978-0688135010)
  • Engle, Margarita. Drum Dream Girl: How One Girl’s Courage Changed Music. HMH Books for Young Readers, 2015. 48 p. (978-0544102293) BR021077
  • Evans, Shane W. We March. Roaring Brook, 2012. 32 p. (978-1596435391)
  • Lawson, JonArno. Sidewalk Flowers. Groundwood, 2015. 32 p. (978-1554984312)
  • Nagara, Innosanto. A Is for Activist. Triangle Square, 2013. 32 p. (978-1609805395, board book)
  • Nelson, Kadir. If You Plant a Seed. Blazer + Bray, 2015. 32 p. (978-0062298898)
  • Parr, Todd. The Earth Book. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2010. 40 p. (978-0316042659) DB079690
  • Siddals, Mary McKenna. Compost Stew: An A to Z Recipe for the Earth. Tricycle, 2010. 40. p (978-1582463162)
  • Sierra, Judy. Ballyhoo Bay. Simon & Schuster, 2009. 40 p. (978-1416958888)
  • Verde, Susan. I Am Yoga. Harry N. Abrams, 2015. 32 p. (978-1419716645)
  • Wellington, Monica. Gabby and Grandma Go Green. Dutton Books for Young Readers, 2011. 32 p. (978-0525422143)


  • Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame. Sesame Workshop, 2015. Free. Android, iOS.
  • Kapu Forest. Kapu Toys, 2015. Free, Android. $1.99, iOS.
  • Plum’s Creaturizer. PBS Kids, 2015. Free. Android, iOS.

Web Resources

All Around the Town


  • Catalanotto, Peter. Kitten Red, Yellow, Blue. Antheneum/Richard Jackson, 2005. 32 p. (978-0689865626)
  • de la Peña, Matt. Last Stop on Market Street. G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers, 2015. 32 p. (978-0399257742) BR021056
  • Image of a young girl holding a handful of tinker toysElya, Susan Middleton. Fire! ¡Fuego! Brave Bomberos. Bloomsbury USA Children’s Books, 2012. 40 p. (978-1599904610, bilingual ed.)
  • Feiffer, Jules. Bark, George. HarperCollins, 1999. 32 p. (978-0062051851) BR012040
  • Herling, Kathryn, and Deborah Hembrook. Clothesline Clues to Jobs People Do. Charlesbridge, 2014. 40 p. (978-1580892520)
  • Kohara, Kazuno. The Midnight Library. Roaring Brook, 2014. 32 p. (978-1596439856) BR021032
  • London, Jonathan. Here Comes Doctor Hippo. Boyds Mills, 2012. 32 p. (978-1590788516)
  • Mortensen, Denise Dowling. Bug Patrol. Clarion, 2013. 32 p. (978-0618790241)
  • Rathmann, Peggy. Officer Buckle and Gloria. G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers, 1995. 40 p. (978-0399226168) BR010015
  • Reidy, Jean. All Through My Town. Bloomsbury USA Children’s, 2013. 32 p. (978-1599907857)
  • Rockwell, Anne. Truck Stop. Viking Books for Young Readers, 2013. 40 p. (978-0670062614)
  • Shannon, George. Who Put the Cookies in the Cookie Jar? Henry Holt and Co, 2013. 32 p. (978-0805091977) DBC05092
  • Trent, Shanda. Farmers’ Market Day. Tiger Tales, 2013. 28 p. (978-1589251151)

Web Resources


  • Community Helpers Play & Learn: Educational App for Children. Paper Boat Apps, 2014. $1.99. iOS.

Audio CD

  • Platinum All-Time Favorites by Sesame Street. KOCH Entertainment, 2008. (B015REEHFC). Includes the song “The People in Your Neighborhood.”
    Image of a young boy reading an instruction manual

Construction Zone

Image of a boy using a building block gear




  • Banks, Kate. The Night Worker. Paw Prints, 2009. 40 p. (978-1439585009, lib. bdg.)
  • Bean, Jonathan. Building Our House. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2013. 48 p. (978-0374380236)
  • Bee, William. Stanley the Builder. Peachtree, 2014. 32 p. (978-1561458011)
  • Beil, Karen Magnuson. Jack’s House. Holiday House, 2008. 32 p. (978-0823419135)
  • Clanton, Ben. Rex Wrecks It! Candlewick, 2014. 40 p. (978-0763665012) IN PROCESS
  • Cooper, Sharon Katz. Whose Tools Are These? Picture Window, 2006. 24 p. (978-1404819788, pap.)
  • Dotlitch, Rebecca Kai. What Can a Crane Pick Up? Knopf Books for Young Readers, 2012. 32 p. (978-0375867262)
  • Dumont, Jean-Francois. The Chickens Build a Wall. Eerdmans Books for Young Readers, 2013. 33 p. (978-0802854223)
  • Hale, Christy. Dreaming Up: A Celebration of Building. Lee & Low, 1996. 40 p. (978-1600606519)
  • Harper, Charise Mericle. Go! Go! Go! Stop! Knopf Books for Young Readers, 2014. 32 p. (978-0375869242)
  • Morris, Ann. Tools. HarperCollins, 1998. 32 p. (978-0688161651, pap.)
  • Rinker, Sherri Duskey. Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site. Chronicle, 2011. 32 p. (978-0811877824) BR020020, DB074274
  • Springstubb, Tricia. Phoebe and Digger. Candlewick, 2013. (978-0763652814)
  • +Stevenson, Robert Louis. Block City. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2005. 32 p. (978-0689869648) BR007547
  • Sutton, Sally. Roadwork. Candlewick, 2008. 32 p. (978-0763639129)


  • John Deere American Music Series. John Deere: Crazy About Big Truck Songs. Green Hill, 2010. (B0039BD8B0). Includes the song “Six Little Trucks.”
  • Berkner, Laurie. Rocketship Run. Two Tomatoes, 2008 (B00N1PNFOE). Includes the song “Mouse in My Toolbox.”

Web Resources


  • Geoboard. Clarity Innovations, 2015. Free. iOS 7.0 or later, Windows, Chrome.
  • Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site. Oceanhouse Media, 2014. $2.99 on iTunes. iOS.
  • Inventioneers. Filimundus AB, 2015. Free. iOS, Android.

Image of a castle constructed with building blocks

Home Sweet Home

Image of a boy wearing glasses looking at a toy house



  • Anderson, Constance. Smelling Sunshine. Star Bright, 2013. 32 p. (978-1595726353)
  • Beaumont, Karen. Move Over, Rover! HMH Books for Young Readers, 2006. 40 p. (978-0152019792) BR017020
  • Castillo, Lauren. Nana in the City. Clarion Books, 2014. 40 p. (978-0544104433)
  • Davies, Nicola. Who Lives Here? Candlewick, 2012. 24 p. (978-0763662639)
  • Ellis, Carson. Homes. Candlewick, 2015. 40 p. (978-0763665296) IN PROCESS
  • Frazee, Marla. Boot & Shoe. Beach Lane Books, 2012. 40 p. (978-1442422476)
  • Hoberman, Mary Ann. A House Is a House for Me. The Viking Press, 1978. 44 p. (978-0670380169) DB071199
  • Kazsa, Keiko. Finders Keepers. G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers, 2015. 32 p. (978-0399168987)
  • Marino, Gianna. Too Tall Houses. Viking Books for Young Readers, 2012. 40 p. (978-0670013142)
  • Moore, Inga. A House in the Woods. Candlewick, 2011. 48 p. (978-0763652777)
  • Parragon Books. The Three Little Pigs. Parragon, 2014. 10 p. (978-1472339454, board book)
  • Rueda, Claudia. Huff & Puff. Harry N Abrams, 2012. 32 p. (978-1419701702)
  • Swanson, Susan Marie. The House in the Night. HMH Books for Young Readers, 2008. 40 p. (978-0618862443) BR018041
  • Thomas, Jan. The Doghouse. HMH Books for Young Readers, 2008. 40 p. (978-0152065331)
  • Wood, Audrey. The Napping House. HMH Books for Young Readers, 2009. 32 p. (978-0152567088) BR006117
  • Yolen, Jane. You Nest Here With Me. Boyds Mills, 2015. 40 p. (978-1590789230)
  • Yum. Hyewon. This Is Our House. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2013. 36 p. (978-0374374877)

Web Resources

Image of two toy houses

Appendix A: Easy Ways to Grow a Great Reader

Summer Reading at New York Libraries logo

Easy Ways to Grow a Great Reader

Get your child ready to read and to succeed in the school years ahead!

  • Read to your child and point out words and pictures. You are your child’s first teacher.
  • Visit the library every week with the whole family. Everyone gets to pick out their own books.
  • Young girl holding tinker toys, © CSLPGet a library card at your local public library. It’s free!
  • Sign your child up for Summer Reading at the local public library and enjoy free programs with fun activities, storytelling, crafts and more.
  • When your child watches TV, join in and turn on the closed captioning so children see the words as they hear them.
  • Talk together and tell stories with your child while cooking dinner, traveling, or shopping. Your child will learn lots of new words and ideas.
  • Sing to your child while getting ready for the day or for bed.
  • Encourage your child to set up a play library, restaurant, museum or school, complete with books, menus, maps, crayons. Children learn best through play! 
  • Write lists with your child - grocery lists, birthday present wish lists, or lists of your favorite books.  
  • Bring a basket of books for reading breaks from the sun, water, sand and all outdoor activities.
  • Keep a list on the refrigerator of the books read to your child all year long.
  • Read together at bedtime every night!
For more information talk to the librarian at your public library and visit

Appendix B: New York State Public Library Systems

Appendix C: Youth Services Contacts for Early Literacy

Brooklyn Public Library (Kings County)

Rachel Payne, Coordinator, Early Childhood Services
Youth and Family Services
10 Grand Army Plaza
Brooklyn, NY 11238
phone: (718) 230-2233; fax: (718) 230-2784
e-mail: rpayne @

Buffalo & Erie County Public Library

Kathryn Galvin, Manager, Children’s Services and Outreach
Buffalo & Erie County Public Library
1 Lafayette Square
Buffalo, NY 14203
716-858-7100; fax: (716) 858-7515
e-mail: galvink @

Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System

Valle Blair, Youth Services Consultant
106 West Fifth St.
Jamestown, NY 14701
phone: (716) 664-6675 x230; fax: (716) 484-1205
e-mail: vblair @

Clinton-Essex-Franklin Library System

Julie Wever, Outreach and Youth Services Coordinator
33 Oak Street
Plattsburgh, NY 12901
phone: 518-563-5190 x18; fax: 518-563-0421
e-mail: jwever @

Finger Lakes Library System (Cayuga, Cortland, Seneca, Tioga, Tompkins counties)

Amanda Schiavulli
Member Services Librarian
1300 Dryden Road
Ithaca, NY 14850
phone: (607) 273-4074 x227
e-mail: aschiavulli @

Four County Library System (Broome, Chenango, Delaware, Otsego counties)

Sarah Reid
Outreach and Youth Services Manager
304 Clubhouse Road
Vestal, NY 13850
phone: (607) 723-8236 x350; fax: (607) 723-1722
e-mail: SReid @

Mid-Hudson Library System (Columbia, Dutchess, Greene, Putnam, Northern Ulster counties)

Merribeth Advocate 
Assistant Director
103 Market Street
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
phone: (845) 471-6060 x254; fax: (845) 454-5940
madvocate @

Mid York Library System (Herkimer, Madison, Oneida counties)

Heather Urtz
Collections and Materials Librarian
1600 Lincoln Avenue
Utica, NY 13502
phone: (315) 735-8328; fax: (315) 735-0943
hurtz @

Mohawk Valley Library System (Fulton, Montgomery, Schenectady, Schoharie counties)

Sue Rokos, Youth Services Consultant
858 Duanesburg Rd.
Schenectady, NY 12306
phone: 518-355-2010 x226; fax: 518-355-0674
e-mail: srokos @

Monroe County Library System

Tonia Burton
Children's Services Consultant
115 South Ave.
Rochester, NY 14604
phone: (585) 428-8151
tonia.burton @

Nassau Library System

Renee McGrath, Youth Services Manager
900 Jerusalem Ave.
Uniondale, NY 11553
phone: (516) 292-8920 x230; fax: (516) 481-4777
e-mail: renee @

The New York Public Library (Bronx, New York, Richmond counties)

Chelsea Conden
Early Literacy Coordinator
445 Fifth Ave, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10016
phone:  (917) 229-9652
chelseacondren @

Kristen Rocha
Manager, Early Childhood Education
455 Fifth Avenue, 6th floor
New York, NY 10016
phone: (212) 621-0644
kristenrocha @

Nioga Library System (Genesee, Niagara, Orleans counties)

Sandy Gillard 
Children's Consultant
6575 Wheeler Road
Lockport, NY 14094
phone:  (716) 434-6167 x24
gillard @

North Country Library System (Jefferson, Lewis, Oswego, St. Lawrence counties)

Angela Newman
Youth Services and Outreach Consultant
22072 County Rte 190
Watertown, NY 13602
phone: (315) 755-0639; fax: (315) 782-6883
e-mail: anewman @

Onondaga County Public Library

Janet Park
Early Literacy/School Age Outreach Coordinator
447 S. Salina St.
Syracuse, NY 13204
phone: (315) 435-1807; fax: (315) 435-8533
jpark @

Pioneer Library System (Livingston, Ontario, Wayne, Wyoming counties)

Hope Decker, Member Library Liaison
Pioneer Library System
2557 State Route 21
Canandaigua, NY 14424
(585) 394-8260 ext 107
e-mail: hdecker @

Queens Borough Public Library

Gillian E.W. Miller
Coordinator of Early Learning Services
Programs & Services Department
89-11 Merrick Boulevard
Jamaica, NY 11432
phone:  (718) 990-5164; fax: (718) 297-3404
e-mail: Gillian.E.Miller @

Ramapo Catskill Library System (Orange, Rockland, Sullivan, Southern Ulster counties)

Randall Enos, Youth Services Consultant
619 Route 17M
Middletown, NY 10940
phone: (845) 243-3747 x240; fax: (845) 243-3739
e-mail: renos @

Southern Adirondack Library System (Hamilton, Saratoga, Warren, Washington counties)

Jennifer Ferriss
Assistant Director and Community Liaison
22 Whitney Place
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
phone: 518-584-7300 x219
jferriss @

Southern Tier Library System (Allegany, Chemung, Schuyler, Steuben, Yates counties)

Lorie Brown, Youth Services/Interlibrary Loan
9424 Scott Rd.
Painted Post, NY 14870
phone: (607) 962-3141 x209; fax: (607) 962-5356
brownl @

Suffolk Cooperative Library System

Darla Salva Cruz, Youth Services Consultant
672 N Sunrise Service Road
Bellport, NY  11713
phone:  (631) 286-1600 x1365; fax: (631) 286-1647
Darla @

Upper Hudson Library System (Albany, Rensselaer counties)

Mary Fellows, Manager, Youth and Family Services
28 Essex St.
Albany, NY 12206
phone: 518-437-9880 x228; fax: 518-437-9884
e-mail: mary @

Westchester Library System

Elena Falcone
Director of Public Innovation and Engagement
540 White Plains Road - Suite 200
Tarrytown, NY 10591-5110
phone: (914) 231-3240; fax: (914) 674-4185
elena @

New York State Library

Sharon Phillips
Project Coordinator for Ready to Read
Cultural Education Center 10B41
Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY 12230
Phone: 518-486-4863
Fax: 518-486-5254
Sharon.Phillips @


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