Overview of School Library System Member Plan

The School Library System’s Member Plan is one of the required elements in the system’s Plan of Service and is included in Element #7 – Communications Among Member Libraries.

Per Commissioner’s Regulations (CR) §90.18 (f) (4):

(4) At least once, during the five-year period of each Plan of Service, each school district and nonpublic school, and in New York City each Community School District and High School District, shall file with the system a plan which shows how district and building library resources and programs meet the needs of students and teachers and describes the ways in which it proposes to make effective use of the system.  Such plan shall include:

  1. A description of existing library resources and services in a format established by the school library system;
  2. Procedures for prompt and efficient communication among school library media specialists and reporting to other members of the school community regarding system policies, procedures and services;
  3. Provisions for periodic reporting, at least annually, to the governing body of the school district or nonpublic school and to the administration, regarding participation of the member library services;
  4. Assurance by the member and its participants that adequate qualified staff is available to organize and administer the library media program and fulfill system responsibilities.

Many districts may opt to use the NYSED School Library Media Program Evaluation Rubric as their official member plan.

Last Updated: March 22, 2023