Date Issued: 6/1/98

Year Effective: 98-99

Service Descriptors

Class/Division: Instructional Resources (23) PSN Range: 501-599
Type Student: N/A Level: N/A
Delivery Method: Central Service    
Time Period: July-June (43)    
Location: BOCES Center (11), District (12), Other, Specify (13)    

Nature of Service

BOCES provides participating school districts with a variety of library services. Typical activities include: searches of computerized databases; reference services; maintenance of specialized central collections; technical assistance to library staff of participating school districts.

Standards for Approval

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS Compliance with applicable laws and regulations, the general guidelines, and the following specific standards is required:

A service plan must be submitted with the initial application for approval.  The service plan must describe: the service provided, the role of BOCES staff in the management and operation of the program, the role of consultants and/or contract services in the provision of the program, and the basis on which participants are billed.

Activities provided under this service must be consistent with the mission, operation and standards of the School Library system.

Staffing must be included in the CO-SER budget, either explicitly or by transfer from another service budget.  Use of the School Library System director to direct activities in this CO-SER without inclusion in the budget may be acceptable if the activities are extensions of the mission of the School Library System.  However, if this service is used as a “base service” for participation in 6311 – Instructional Graphics, 6312 – Equipment Repair, 6313 – Printing, or 6314 – Tape Duplication, a certified librarian must be in the budget of this CO-SER.

Special collections may be housed in participating district buildings If the following conditions are met:

  • each collection is a part of a regional school library system plan;
  • each collection is accessible by all participating districts; and
  • costs are pooled and charged to districts as a flat rate    or based on some objective characteristic such as pupil enrollment.
AID ISSUES Materials which are not shared between two or more participating school districts, or which become the property of a school district are not eligible for BOCES aid. Such materials should be billed separately, preferably under revenue code 2655.