New York State Library

Vision 2022

Our Shared Values

The Vision 2022 process included discussions, interviews, and focus groups. These conversations identified a set of shared values endorsed by libraries of all types in New York.

These values are the basis for the strategic priorities in our Vision framework, guiding both internal and external decision-making.

Universal Access

Libraries play an essential role in ensuring all New Yorkers have the information they need to participate in public life fully.

Equity for All

Our libraries champion equity, diversity, and inclusion and model how to incorporate it by having collections, staffing, programming, and leadership reflect our communities.

Resilient Communities

The success of libraries is inextricably bound to the success and growth of our communities. Libraries are part of a sustainable ecosystem, requiring active participation in and with their communities.

Passionate Advocates

Libraries advocate for the public good through intellectual freedom, transparency, net neutrality, digital justice and inclusion, and creating equitable, inclusive organizations that welcome all experiences, talents, and perspectives.

Innovation Engines

By strategically collaborating with stakeholders, libraries continuously evolve -- learning, growing, and recalibrating services to support their communities.

Strategic Priorities

New York's libraries ensure every New Yorker has reliable, equitable access to crucial information, services, and lifelong learning and connection opportunities. The Regents Advisory Council on Libraries has established the following framework identifying strategic priorities and collaborative action to help libraries devote necessary resources to ensure community resilience during an uncertain and tumultuous time. For additional information, please feel free to explore our funding and guidance resources.

New York libraries are dedicated to universal access, based on the idea that society benefits when everyone has an equal opportunity to leverage the power of the Internet. By focusing on solutions and working in intentional partnership with our communities, libraries can help New York achieve its vision of digital equity.

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Libraries work toward equity for all by making a material difference in the lives of people who have been denied power and opportunity based on race, gender, sexuality, national origin, spoken language, and disability. We advance and model socioeconomic and racial equity policies and practices.

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As community anchors, libraries strengthen civic relationships and build social cohesion by creating a shared space, convening, and hosting critical conversations, and providing resources and programs to inform, create, entertain, and weave broad social networks. We will continue to build collaborative relationships to develop thriving, resilient, and responsive communities.

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Moving Forward

The Regents Advisory Council shares this framework as a springboard for the future. We hope everyone in the library community sees themselves in this document and uses their creativity and imagination to act on the strategic priorities which resonate with their communities. We look forward to watching New York’s libraries breathe life into the Vision 2022 plan.

Last Updated: October 27, 2022