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Library Services in New York State's Correctional Facilities


  • New York State provides aid to support law libraries and general libraries for incarcerated individuals residing in correctional facilities administered by New York State. These libraries are managed by the NYS Department of Corrections and Community Supervision.
  • General library services for incarcerated individuals in county correctional facilities (county jails) are determined and administered at the county level. The State provides limited aid to enhance those services through the 23 public library systems.
  • Although all public and private school students have access to books in school libraries and at local public libraries, no State funding is available to provide access to library services for residents of Office of Children and Family Services residential youth facilities.

Libraries and library services in correctional facilities in New York State vary considerably with the type of facility.

Library Services in State Correctional Facilities (Adults)

Libraries in State correctional facilities in New York State include two types:

General libraries: General library services in State correctional facilities are required by standards established by the New York State Commission of Correction.

The New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS) offers incarcerated individuals library services and programs that are modeled on those of public libraries. General libraries in maximum- and medium-security facilities are staffed by librarians, who are assisted by incarcerated individual clerks. Correctional camps and small or minimum-security facilities are run by part-time civilian library clerks or other staff in addition to incarcerated individual library clerks. DOCCS Division of Library Services, which is staffed by professional librarians, administers the statewide General Library and Law Library Programs.

General library collections are developed to meet the educational, informational, and recreational needs of incarcerated individuals. They include print and non-print resources of interest to male or female incarcerated individuals. Reading materials include but are not limited to reference materials, foreign language materials, large print, high interest-low reading level, graphic novels, pamphlets, microfiche, videos, audio books, mixed-media resources, CD-ROMS and DVDs.

General library collections at DOCCS facilities maintain current subscriptions to popular magazines in multiple languages and formats, as well as local and hometown newspapers. DOCCS personnel provide reference services as well as orientation programs on the use of libraries and the value of local public library use for ex-incarcerated individuals and their families. Each library receives interlibrary loan and similar services through affiliation with the public library system serving its region.

To encourage self-awareness and personal growth, DOCCS facility General Libraries offer regular programming such as book and film discussions, lectures, cultural presentations, readings, and writing workshops. Frequently covered topics include parenting, family literacy, journal writing, money management, job information, and communications skills. The DOCCS General Library Program also supports the Department’s other programs, especially education, transitional services, and treatment of alcohol and substance abuse.

Law Libraries: Because of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, states are required to provide incarcerated individuals with access to the courts either by establishing law libraries in correctional facilities or by assigning lawyers for incarcerated individuals. New York State has chosen to establish law libraries in State correctional facilities.

Also funded through DOCCS, the Law Library Program offers incarcerated individuals basic resources for legal research and preparation of legal papers. Collections consist of primary and secondary sources including case law, statutes, State and Federal rules and regulations, and self-help treatises. Incarcerated individual law clerks, certified through a DOCCS legal research course, may provide legal research assistance or make referrals to free community legal service organizations. Other services provided at facility Law Libraries may include notary service, photocopying of legal materials, typing, and distribution of legal writing supplies.

Law libraries are nearly all staffed by full-time correctional officers. DOCCS also offers interlibrary loan access to legal materials. Also, the New York State Library’s Research Library will provide copies of unique library materials held at the State Library and not available elsewhere (such as records and briefs) to DOCCS Library Services so the law libraries can fulfill incarcerated individual requests for legal materials.

Library Services in County Jails

State statutory or administrative law does not mandate that general library services and materials be provided to incarcerated individuals in local correctional facilities. However, most counties provide some general library services at local jail facilities. While general library services are not required, the State Commission of Correction does mandate that counties provide incarcerated individuals with access to basic legal resources.

Public library systems, through the State-supported library services to county jails program and through the public library system’s coordinated outreach services program, provide advisory services to the sheriffs or other designated county jail employees on developing and maintaining libraries in facilities. Most libraries resemble reading rooms more than full-service libraries. (Notable exceptions are those in Buffalo, Syracuse, and New York City.)

New York State Library Services to State and County Correctional Facility General Libraries

The State Library supports library services in general libraries at State Correctional Facilities and county jails as follows:

Services to general libraries: General libraries receive additional State-funded services through New York State’s public library systems. The New York State Library administers two State-funded programs and disseminates the formula funds to the public library systems based on the annual resident incarcerated individual populations of the facilities located in the systems’ service areas.

Funds for the Public Library System Services to State Correctional Facility Libraries Program are paid annually to the 17 public library systems in which the 54 State correctional facilities are located. In addition, all 23 public library systems receive limited State funds for Public Library System Services to County Jails Program to serve the county jails located in their service areas.

Each public library system annually contracts directly with the State and county facilities in its service area regarding the services and materials that will be provided by the library system to the facility library. Contracts are specific to each institution. The library system and the correctional facility arrange and agree on the contract, with oversight provided by the DOCCS liaison and the State Library Program Manager.

Program Funding:

State Correctional Facilities $9.25 per incarcerated individual
County Correctional Facilities $175,000

State aid also makes possible interlibrary loan, modest material and equipment grants, special programming, and the development and distribution of resource guides on available transitional services for use before and at the time of release back to the community.

In addition, the State Library's Talking Book and Braille Library lends special format books and playback equipment to general libraries in upstate correctional facilities for incarcerated individuals who have a physical or medically certified reading disability and require this service. Materials and equipment are loaned free to facility libraries or to individual incarcerated individuals according to the regulations of each facility.

Directives about NYS DOCCS Library Services:


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