Presentation: Basic Outcome-Based Evaluation (OBE) Webinar

In August 2010, a webinar covering OBE fundamentals was held. It can be viewed as a
PowerPoint presentation audio available [27 MB] .

The presentation serves as an introduction to OBE, and covers:

  • The definition of OBE
  • The many benefits of using OBE in planning and evaluating library programs and services
  • How to write basic, measurable outcomes with data sources and target achievement levels
  • The difference between outcomes and outputs.

When viewed as a slideshow, there is an audio track with narration. The presentation lasts approximately 20 minutes.

If you are not able to listen to the audio, you can view the text of the narration by saving the PowerPoint to your computer, and using the View/Note Pages option in PowerPoint.

If you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint on your computer, you may want to download Microsoft's Free PowerPoint Viewer, or do an Internet search for other free viewers that may be available.

There is also a PDF pdf file version of the presentation, which shows the narration as text.

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Last Updated: July 22, 2019