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Activity 6

Please complete and turn in this exercise before you leave the workshop.

Name: ____________________________________

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The advanced preparation you did for this workshop may or may not have been chosen for your group to use when practicing OBE. If your project was not chosen, please use your own project to write one outcome statement and fill in the corresponding chart with indicators, data sources, etc. If your project was chosen, please write an additional outcome not used by your group and fill in the chart for that outcome.

Project Title:

Outcome: (Changes in skill, knowledge, attitude, behavior, life condition or status)

(Concrete evidence, occurrence, or characteristic that will show that the desired change occurred)
Data Source
(Where data will be found)
Data Intervals
(Points at which information is collected)
Target Applied To
(Segment of population to which this indicator is applied)
Target Achievement
Level (Goal)
(the number , percent, variation or other measure of change)

February 1, 2006 -- asm
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