New York State Medical Information Services Program

Guidelines for the Use of MISP Funds (Revised December 2005)

Pursuant to Education Law §273(4)(b) as amended by Chapter 571 of the laws of 2003 and Part O of Chapter 57 of the Laws of 2005, Medical Information Services Program funds may be used by the 3R's for the provision of medical and consumer health information services for all types of libraries and library systems. Program priorities should include medical, clinical and consumer health information for libraries in not-for-profit institutions that deal with direct patient care; are active participants in regional resource sharing; and which receive adequate library support from their parent institution or funding body. These services may include:

  • Payment to the libraries of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM), including the National Library of Medicine, for medical and health interlibrary loan services;
  • Deposits in the NN/LM electronic payment systems;
  • Payment to commercial document delivery suppliers as the last resort for the needed medical information;
  • Mediated medical database searches performed by a library or library system on behalf of another library for their patron's information needs;
  • The licensing of and access to medical resources in electronic format;
  • Placement of interlibrary loan requests or referrals for medical information on behalf of regional libraries;
  • Locator tools for medical information or for the creation and maintenance of medical information locator tools in a region;
  • Reference referral services (virtual or other) for medical and health information needs;
  • Communication, promotion and training related to this program;
  • Staffing to undertake such eligible services.

NY 3Rs may not use the subsidy for:

  • The provision of non-medical or non-health related information
  • Surface (non-electronic) delivery of information
  • Telecommunication services
  • Computer hardware, software and peripherals.

Planning and Reporting Requirements

Each NY 3Rs handles the Medical Information Services funds for the libraries and library systems located within its region. Each NY 3Rs should include the MISP Program in it's Five-Year Library System Plan of Service. Plans should take into consideration the needs for health and medical information of the individual institutions in the area; library system and NN/LM document delivery and interlibrary loan protocols; and any health information service consortia already operating in the region.

Each system will submit an annual report and budget application to the State Library following the method prescribed by the Commissioner.

History of the Program

Purpose of the Program

The purposes of this program are to:

  • improve access to medical and clinical information for health professionals and consumer health information to benefit all residents of New York State;
  • make the medical, clinical and consumer health resources of the NN/LM network directly accessible by libraries in the reference and research library regions;
  • encourage the full use of local and regional health information resources as identified in local/regional locator tools for medical information resources, before accessing other resources in the NN/LM;
  • facilitate access to medical/consumer health information in electronic form; and
  • facilitate referrals to the most appropriate locations.

Desired Results or Outcomes from the Program

  • Quality patient care in hospitals requires that medical personnel have access to the latest, most accurate and timely medical and clinical health information
  • New Yorkers will realize healthier lives by having access to the most accurate health information they need

Major Participants in the Program

The major participants in the program include the New York State Library and the nine Reference and Research Library Resources Systems.

Roles and Responsibilities of the New York State Library

The New York State Library is the one library in New York with statutory responsibility to serve the government, the people and the libraries of the State. The NYSL's Division of Library Development is responsible for administering the New York State Medical Information Services Program. Library Development provides program coordination and oversight, working with the NY 3Rs, to ensure that the program is carried out in accordance with Education Law. Library Development is responsible for determining the allocation of the Medical Information Services funds as outlined by the current allocation formula in Education Law §273(4)(b). The current allocation formula, which is derived from a weighted formula first used in 1983, is described in Appendix A.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Reference and Research Library Resources Systems

The nine NY 3Rs were established under Education Law to enable academic, hospital, law, business and other special libraries, public library systems, and school library systems to share resources. They provide interlibrary loan, delivery, database development, electronic resource licensing and access, reciprocal access, continuing education, and other services to meet the reference and information needs of library users, students and faculty of institutions of higher education, the professions and others. The NY 3Rs coordinate and administer the State-funded Hospital Library Services program and Medical Information Services program as well as several other State-funded library service programs.

Each NY 3Rs is responsible for fostering communication with libraries that participate in the New York State Medical Information Services Program on current policies, procedures and practices for the use of those funds. Each NY 3Rs is also responsible for providing training on access to clinical medical and consumer health information.

General Program Timetable

Program year: July 1 - June 30

Comments or questions on these guidelines may be directed to:
New York State Library
Division of Library Development
10B41 Cultural Education Center
Albany, New York 12230
Phone: 518-486-2197

Last Updated: October 5, 2022