2013 Statewide Summer Reading Mini-Grant Program


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Brooklyn Public Library


2013 Summer Reading Minigrant-BPL

Funds were used to purchase and create educational and outreach materials - such as book lists in various formats, game boards, and activity vouchers - to support participation in summer reading programs.  These materials incorporated the “Dig Into Reading” and “Discover Hidden Treasures” themes.  The Library also encouraged participants to become more actively involved in the various summer reading programs through use of the online resources on the website (www.summerreading.org).

Judy Zuckerman (718) 230-2236



Buffalo and Erie County Public Library System


2013 Summer Reading Minigrant-BECPL

This program provided quality programming as well as encouraged reading and library usage for families, children, and young adults who may not visit a library on a regular basis through the offering of performers, educational programs, and craft activities.  These programs and activities were based on books used within the programs and the summer themes of “Dig Into Reading” for children and “Beneath the Surface” for teens.

Carol Batt (716) 858-7191



Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System


2013 Summer Reading Minigrant-CCLS

Member libraries were provided with informational items and promotional opportunities, as well as registration materials such as reading records and stickers, in support of their summer reading programs.  These allowed member libraries to increase participation and conduct more effective and appealing programs.

Valle Z. Blair (716) 484-7135 x230



Clinton-Essex-Franklin Library System


2013 Summer Reading Minigrant-CEFLS

This project provided the system and member libraries with access to theme- related materials, books, and DVDs that were circulated system-wide during the summer reading program.  Project activities emphasized member library participation in local initiatives such as reading programs and collaboration with local schools.  Additionally, funds were offered via mini-grants to member libraries who applied, in order to supplement their summer reading materials and/or programmatic offerings.

Julie Wever (518) 563-5190 x18



Finger Lakes Library System


2013 Summer Reading Minigrant-FLLS

Funds directly supported member library efforts to provide engaging summer reading programs, using the themes “Dig into Reading” for children and “Beneath the Surface” for teens, to encourage reading and enhance children and teen summer reading program experiences through the hiring of performers, purchasing new books for their collection, and facilitation of school visits.

Amanda Schiavulli (607) 273-4074 x227



Four County Library System


2013 Summer Reading Minigrant-4CLS

Funds were used to support a web-based calendar located on the system home page which allowed access and disseminated information on summer reading programs and activities.  Member libraries used the balance of grant funds to support their programming needs, such as presenter fees and supplies in support of the theme “Dig Into Reading”.

Starr LaTronica (607) 723-8236 x350



Mid-Hudson Library System


2013 Summer Reading Minigrant-
Mid-Hudson LS

Member libraries received mini-grants to expand programs and services they offered during the summer, and focused on increasing participation and fostering collaboration between school and public libraries. 

Merribeth Advocate  (845) 471-6060 x254



Mid-York Library System


2013 Summer Reading Minigrant-
Mid-York LS

A professional workshop was held for youth services librarians during the system’s Summer Reading Program kickoff event to teach participants how to effectively introduce math and science components into library programming.  Member libraries used funding to hire performers, as well as to print and distribute supplies and materials such as flyers, calendars, bookmarks, and reading lists, to promote and support their programs.

Heather Urtz (315) 735-8331



Mohawk Valley Library System


2013 Summer Reading Minigrant-MVLS

A workshop was held for member library staff and volunteers to educate them about the “Dig Into Reading” children’s theme and “Beneath the Surface” teen theme.  Each member library planned to contact their local school libraries to present summer reading program information through school visits and summer reading posters, as well as holding science events which attracted families to the library and promoted the library as a location for summer fun and STEM common core learning.

Sue Rokos (518) 355-2010



Monroe County Library System


2013 Summer Reading Minigrant-MCLS

Member libraries used funding to supplement existing “Dig Into Reading” and “Beneath the Surface” themed activities and programs which appealed to all ages and would not be otherwise affordable, as well as to purchase county-wide advertising, themed posters, and additional materials such as bookmarks, brochures, and certificates.

Tonia Burton (585) 428-8150



Nassau Library System


2013 Summer Reading Minigrant-Nassau LS

Two workshops for youth services librarians in member libraries were held to inform children’s and young adult librarians about new skills and resources for the program.  Member libraries were supported through the purchase and distribution of bilingual placements, booklists, and theme-related flags and Ellison dies.

Additionally, an event at the Long Island Children’s Museum was held to increase excitement about and participation in the summer reading program through a combination of fun activities and entertainment.  Further promotion of the program was achieved at local movie theaters, allowing the system to reach children, teens, and caregivers who may not be regular library users.

Renee McGrath (516) 292-8920



Nioga Library System


2013 Summer Reading Minigrant-
Nioga LS

A portion of grant funds was distributed directly to member libraries for the purpose of enhancing each library’s summer reading program.  Another portion of funds went towards making supplies and materials kits that fit into the “Dig Into Reading” theme for the summer.  The remaining funds were used to purchase display materials to promote the summer reading programs.

Thomas Bindeman (716) 434-6167 x14



North Country Library System


2013 Summer Reading Minigrant-
North Country LS

This project provided: 1) Training that allowed participating libraries to offer quality programs that engage children, teens, and their families; and 2) Promotion at the beginning of the summer through kick-off events.  Workshops were funded to address the need for training in early literacy principles, and to assist in fostering collaboration with school libraries.

Emily Owen (315) 782-5540



Onondaga County Public Library


2013 Summer Reading Minigrant-Onondaga County LS

This project funded a magic performer for all member libraries, as well as the provision of promotional activities, reading records and other special “Dig Into Reading” themed materials.  These activities and materials supported the encompassing objective of motivating children and teens to read during summer vacation, helping to prevent summer learning loss. 

Amanda Travis (315) 435-1825



Pioneer Library System


2013 Summer Reading Minigrant-Pioneer LS

A full-day workshop was held for youth services staff and included training for using “Dig Into Reading” and “Beneath the Surface” themed kits for different age groups.  These kits included materials aimed at encouraging reading, creating fun activities, and providing hands-on experiences for summer reading participants that member libraries could not afford individually.  Member libraries also provided information and report card labels to local schools in order to promote the summer reading program.

Patricia Finnerty (585) 394-8260



Queens Borough Public Library


2013 Summer Reading Minigrant-QBPL

Member libraries purchased supplies and materials which supported and facilitated arts and crafts programming, science experiments and activities, photography workshops, game days, and gardening activities.  The member libraries also incorporated the Library’s website and access to books as part of the programming, and assisted youth in improving their reading and writing skills through book clubs, summer reading blogs, and intergenerational programs. 

Lambert Shell (718) 990-8657



Ramapo Catskill Library System


2013 Summer Reading Minigrant-RCLS

This project provided training for member library staff to help them develop programs which incorporated the themes “Dig Into Reading” and “Beneath the Surface”, and provided resources which encouraged cooperation with schools and youth services organizations.  Additionally, funds were used to print booklists for children and teens which were distributed to school districts and helped promote and support the summer reading programs.

Randall Enos (845) 243-3747 x240



Southern Adirondack Library System


2013 Summer Reading Minigrant-SALS

A youth services workshop was held to introduce staff to recreational and educational program possibilities.  Each member library fostered their relationship with local school libraries in order to promote summer reading programs, and used funds to develop programs or purchase materials which encouraged children and families to use the library and read over the summer.

Jennifer Ferriss (518) 584-7300



Southern Tier Library System


2013 Summer Reading Minigrant-
Southern Tier LS

Member libraries undertook activities to increase participation in their summer reading program for children from birth through age 8.  These programs provided a fun learning environment with free voluntary reading and connected with the underserved audience of non-participants in summer reading programs through staff training workshops, library collaboration, and promotional/supporting materials such as posters, bags, and bookmarks.

Lorie Brown (607) 962-3141 x209



Suffolk Cooperative Library System


2013 Summer Reading Minigrant-Suffolk Cooperative LS

Three workshops were provided for Children’s and Teen librarians to help prepare them for summer reading programs.  In addition, a partnership with St. Joseph’s College allowed promotional materials to be distributed at Authors Unlimited (a local author festival for young teens, teens, and families), and allowed an Authors Unlimited author to be featured in the system’s Battle of the Books program.  Remaining funds provided for the dissemination of summer reading information at local movie theaters, and allowed member libraries to receive and distribute supplies and materials such as bilingual placemats and theme related Ellison dies.

Lisa G. Kropp (631) 286-1600



The New York Public Library


2013 Summer Reading Minigrant-NYPL

Funds were used to print reading logs and reading lists for program participants that helped keep children and teens excited and encouraged about reading and learning during the summer.  In addition, the Library hosted a series of public programs and interactive events to encourage sustained participation and to ensure that children and young adults remain engaged and motivated throughout the program.  The website-- summerreading.org--also provided incentives for children and teens to track the books they read and help them remain active in the program.

Maggie Jacobs (212) 340-0851



Upper Hudson Library System


2013 Summer Reading Minigrant-UHLS

Participating libraries were challenged to present science and technology programming to youth and families through: 1) Training of library staff in how to conduct informal science workshops; 2) Providing mini-grants to libraries with sound proposals on increasing young adult participation in summer reading programs through technology; and 3) Teaching library staff how and why to use STEM terminology in program marketing.  Funds were also used to purchase supplies and materials for member libraries to use during the presentation of science programs.

Mary Fellows (518) 437-9880 x228



Westchester Library System


2013 Summer Reading Minigrant-WLS

To achieve the goal of enriching summer reading efforts among participating member libraries, school library collaboration, cross-library program development, and enhanced librarian and teen training will be embedded into the summer reading program.  Additionally, participating member libraries will use funds towards the Learning Ambassadors Program, which trains teens to prepare and deliver summer reading programs.

Elena Falcone (914) 231-3240




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