Sample Letter to School District re: Budget Vote

City, NY, zip


Board of Education
XXXXX, Superintendent
XXXXX Central School District
Address 1
City, NY zip

Dear Mr./Ms. XXXX & Members of the Board of Education:

The Trustees of the XYZ Public Library request that, pursuant to Section 259 of New York State Education Law, the XXXXX Central School District Board of Education place the following proposition before the voters at the next (May, 2004) School District election:

"Shall the sum of _____________________ Dollars ($) be raised by annual levy of a tax upon the taxable real property within the XXXXX Central School District for the purpose of funding the XYZ Public Library"

The above request is prompted by our desire to provide enhanced library services to all residents of the School District and our desire to comply with Board of Regents policy that urges public libraries to shift tax support from general appropriations by towns to a direct public vote. This shift will reduce town appropriations for library services and provide taxpayers with the ability to determine the desired level of public library services. In addition, if the vote is successful, our libraries will be able to fully embrace new information technologies available through our public library system.

We would be happy to provide you with additional information or respond to any questions you may have regarding the above.


President, Board of Trustees
XYZ Public Library

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