Campaign Q&A Documents

Before launching an organized educational campaign, library boards should consider creating a “Q&A” document that anticipates difficult questions that may be posed by the community in response to the public referendum. The library board or the committee responsible for overseeing the educational campaign should brainstorm questions that may be posed during the campaign and develop well thought out responses. The process of developing difficult questions will help identify any negative reaction that the community may have toward the library proposition and developing responses will prepare the library board and campaign committee to respond in a logical manner. Some library boards have found it helpful to first prepare a Q&A document that will be used “in-house” by the library board and staff and another shorter document that can be distributed to the public.

Some of the questions that library boards will develop are unique to their communities. However, many will be similar to those faced by other libraries during their campaigns. Some real questions faced by libraries include: “How will my taxes be impacted if this proposition passes?” “Why can’t those who use the library pay for it instead of taxing everyone?” “Why can’t the library just use volunteers to operate?” “Why can’t the library just seek private donations instead of relying on taxes?”

Sample Campaign Q&A documents include:

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