After the Vote: a checklist of actions; Example of Regents Dissolution Resolution

Adopted February 12, 2007

XYZ PUBLIC LIBRARY. An application having been made by and on behalf of the trustees of XYZ Public Library, for its charter to be dissolved, and it appearing from the petition that all taxes payable by the corporation have been paid, it was

Voted, that the provisional charter of XYZ Public Library, located in Acme, county of Schenectady, and state of New York, which was granted by action of the Board of Regents under the corporate name "Acme Public Library" on June 26, 1895; which provisional charter was made absolute by Regents action May 2, 1912; which absolute charter was amended by Regents action on March 27, 1924 to change the corporate name to "XYZ Public Library" be, and the same hereby is, dissolved and that notice to such effect be given to the board of trustees of the corporation, and that the distribution of the corporation's assets to the Acme Library, which was incorporated by action of the Board of Regents under a provisional charter on April 27, 1999, be, and the same hereby is, approved.

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