After the Vote: a checklist of actions; Example of Dissolution Letter


The State Education Department
The University of the State of New York
Albany, NY 12234
Counsel and Deputy Commissioner for Legal Affairs

February 12, 2007

J.J. Jones, President Board of Trustees
XYZ Public Library
County Highway 4 PO Box 111
XYZ, New York 12346

Dear Ms. Jones:

I am pleased to advise you that the Board of Regents, at its meeting today, formally voted to dissolve the absolute charter of XYZ Public Library. A copy of the vote adopted is enclosed.

The formal charter document will be prepared and forwarded to you by the Secretary to the Board of Regents. It will, however, be one to two weeks before it is ready for mailing.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Education Law §220, if the corporation has assets remaining at dissolution, the trustees must, within three months of this date, petition the Supreme Court in the county in which the principal office of the corporation is located for an order directing the disposition of the remaining corporate assets. Section 220 sets forth the specific procedures that must be followed, including service of the petition upon the Board of Regents and the Attorney General.

Yours truly,




cc: Attorney General, Charities Bureau

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