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Library Jobs in NYS

The NYS Library maintains many different resources to assist library workers of all backgrounds. This page collects job boards from around New York State and includes best practices for library recruiters and tips for job seekers.

Resources for Job Seekers

There are several job boards maintained by regional library organizations and library systems. Be sure to check job listings from the Public Library Systems for open positions in member libraries or for positions in the system office. Similarly, the 3Rs Systems also maintain robust jobs boards.

Other NYS Listings

For additional library employment opportunities, visit NYLA’s JOBline. Many other library organizations also maintain job boards, including:

NYLA: A Librarian's Guide to Civil Service in NYS

This resource from the New York Library Association provides guidance to current and prospective public library workers with the aspects of NYS Civil Service Law which most affect them. Employees of municipal public libraries, school district public libraries, and special district public libraries and public academic and school libraries in New York State are public employees and as such are subject to civil service. This resource includes a “Field Guide for Libraries Subject to Civil Service” that identifies which public libraries across NYS are subject to Civil Service.

National Job Listings

Resources for Recruiters

Depending on your role, you may also be interested in the more targeted hiring and employment resources available as part of our other services. These include Public Library System Director Appointment Procedures, the Handbook for Library Trustees of New York State, and Helpful Information for Meeting Minimum Public Library Standards.

The NYLINE email list reaches over 3,000 subscribers across the NYS library community, inlcuding job seekers. See our tips below for sharing job postings on the NYLINE list.

Best Practices for Recruiters

The NYS Library is pleased to offer the following tips and strategies to ensure the successful recruitment of a diverse library workforce.


Lack of transparency regarding salaries and earnings expectations is a significant barrier for professionals at all stages of their career.

It is widely established that wage and salary transparency in job postings is essential for equitable hiring practices and closing wage gaps.


To be sure that you are reaching as many potential employees as possible, all documents and emails containing job information should be made fully accessible. This includes:

  • Inserting links that use descriptive hypertext to indicate the link destination. (Don’t use “click here” or raw URLs, which do not work well with screen readers).
  • Taking care to ensure that your document is properly structured with headings and properly formatted lists.
  • If you choose to share your job announcement as a PDF, please be sure that the PDF is fully tagged.


Make sure to include thorough contact and application instructions in your job announcements, including any deadlines or relevant email addresses and phone numbers.

Last Updated: February 12, 2024