Meet the Library Development Team

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The Division of Library Development, working in partnership with the 72 library systems, brings cost-effective, modern library services to the millions of people who use New York’s 7,000 academic, public, school and special libraries.

Who We Are

Library Development is a major unit of the New York State Library. Organizationally, the New York State Library is located within the Office of Cultural Education within the New York State Education Department and is headed by the State Librarian and Assistant Commissioner for Libraries.

The New York State Library has two divisions, Library Development and the Research Library. Both serve the people and the libraries of the State.

What We Do

The Division of Library Development is a strong voice for library services at the local, State and Federal levels. Librarians, trustees, public officials and community leaders depend on Library Development to help find new ways of making library services and resources available to people of all ages.

In addition to providing statewide leadership and advisory services, the Library Development staff administers over $100 million in State and Federal aid for library services and programs. Library Development makes recommendations on statewide policy and planning to the State Librarian.

The Division of Library Development also coordinates:

  • chartering (incorporation) and registration (approval) of public libraries,
  • collection and dissemination of information and data about public libraries and the 72 library systems,
  • statewide family literacy, technology and other library initiatives, and
  • certification (licensing) of public librarians for employment in New York State.
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