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Ready to Read at New York Libraries logoA key feature of Ready to Read at New York Libraries: Early Childhood Public Library Staff Development Program is the establishment of a Training Cohort. The Training Cohort is comprised of over 30 youth services librarians from the State’s public library systems.

Using a train-the-trainer approach, members receive training from nationally recognized experts in Five Foundation Components, and then train/mentor library staff within their regions in these topics. The Five Components of the program are:

  1. Everyone Serves Families with Young Children
  2. Strengthening Young Families through Early Literacy Practices
  3. Early Literacy Community Asset Analysis
  4. Strategies for Successful Partnerships and Outreach to Families with Young Children
  5. Early Learning Spaces

Through the Ready to Read at New York Libraries program, the State Library offers two levels of certification for Training Cohort members:

  • Level One: Training Cohort members are recognized as Certified Trainers for Library Staff at the completion of each of the Five Foundation Component train-the-trainer workshops*. With this certificate, members are ready to conduct component training for public library staff. Also, the hours of professional development can be used, if needed, to meet the requirements for public librarian certification.
  • Level Two: Training Cohort members can then become Certified Trainers for Library Staff and the Early Childhood Workforce in one or more of the Five Foundation Components, available to train public library staff, childcare professionals, and others in need of early literacy training in the community. In order to obtain each component certification, the Training Cohort member must complete the following:
    • Attend the Foundation Component session offered by the State Library for the Training Cohort, and receive the Certificate of Professional Development for that component.
    • Conduct at least two training sessions for library staff for that component, using the State Library- developed Training Tool Kits and evaluation materials.

*For those unable to attend the train-the-trainer session, an alternate route is available. SEE: Early Childhood Public Library Staff Development Program

Sharon Phillips is the Project Director for
Ready to Read at New York Libraries. For more information,
contact Sharon at 518-486-4863; Fax: 518-486-5254.
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