New York State Library

Close Your Construction Project

Access important information for closing out your construction project and receiving the final payment of 10% of the project award.

Review Your Information

Review your project and budget narratives in the approved online application and check that each aspect of the project was completed. Create a bulleted list of all activities that were going to be completed as part of the submitted project application. Please use the same language that was used in the original application (heating system vs. HVAC vs. heat pumps vs. heat recovery units).

Once you have reviewed this page and your narratives, go into the online portal and click on Budget-Final Expenses. In that section, there is information on what documentation is needed to close the project. Once that documentation has been collected, return to the portal to input that information in the Budget- Final Expenses.

Note that all project Budget - Final Expenses must be reported in the online portal. More information about Budget Final Expenses is below. These expenses will include all expenditures for the project, including the award funds and the match funds. If the final Total Project Costs exceed the amount in the approved project application, all costs for the project must still be included.

The total award funds listed in the construction award must be equal to the total award spent. All award and match funds should be fully expended, and all project activities completed prior to the submission of the final report. More information about completing and submitting the final report is also below.

Please wait to submit the final report while construction is still in progress, even if all funds have been expended, as photos should document each completed project activity.

Project Photographs

Photographs documenting the completion of all project elements are optional to close out your project.

Please compile all post-project photos into one Word or PDF document and include a short description or caption with each photo. The caption should be worded as it is listed in the project narratives and directly reference the project element shown in each photo. Once the document is complete, it should then be uploaded to the Attachments section of the online application. When selecting the Attachment Type, please select “Building Photos (post project)” from the drop-down menu.

Final Budget Expenses

Reporting Award and Match Funds

In the Budget - Final Expenses section, a separate line should be included for each item (purchased/contracted services, supplies and materials and equipment). As the check number must be included on each line, State Library staff will be able to see how the costs were divided for the project. If you have one invoice from your vendor for the whole project, two separate lines must be included with the total award funds listed on one line and total match funds listed on another line. As the check number must be included on each line, State Library staff will be able to see how the costs were divided for the project.

The same check number may be listed on a maximum of two lines (one for award and one for match funds). Equipment expenses may only include items that cost $5000 or more for each item, and not as a grand total. For example, one computer, one printer and one computer table costing $5000 total should not be reported as equipment as each individual item would not cost $5000. Instead, these items should be listed under supplies and materials. Both equipment and supplies/materials are items purchased by the library directly, and not by the vendor or contractor(s).

If there were any notes in the approved project application that DASNY mentioned must specifically be listed as match funds, this is a good place to start. In some cases, the library added a note about that as part of the project narrative (i.e., Asbestos testing and Asbestos abatement may only be paid for with match funds). If there are no notes from DASNY, the award and match funds can be divided between the check numbers/journal voucher entry numbers as makes the most sense.

Submitting the Final Report

All required items are listed in the "Final Report Checklist" for that specific project number. The order in which they are uploaded online does not matter, as long as all items are uploaded prior to clicking "Submit Final Report."

  1. Upload post-project photos (optional) of all elements of the project to the portal.
  2. Upload all Budget - Final Expenses to the portal. When adding these expenditures, add one line at a time, click on the save button and then add another row. Dates should be listed in the mm/dd/yyyy format.
  3. Upload Certificate of Occupancy (CO) if applicable, in the Attachments section of the portal. The library indicated if a CO is required in the original project application. Please check the approved online application to see if you need to upload a copy of the CO before submitting the final report. If the library originally anticipated the requirement of a CO, but it was later determined by the municipality that it would not be needed (or was listed in the application incorrectly), a letter with an explanation on the library's letterhead must be provided in the attachment section and listed as the CO. If a Certificate of Compliance is issued instead of a CO, a written explanation from the municipality must be uploaded to the Attachments section of the application.
  4. Upload “Closing Assurances (PDF)” form in the Attachments section of the portal. The questions in the Assurance form should all be filled out accurately as per the project and match following all State Aid for Library Construction Program guidelines and regulations.
  5. Finally, click on "Submit Final Report.“ If the button is "greyed out" and cannot be clicked, it usually means that some of the information above has not been included. The NYS Library is notified whenever a report is ready to be reviewed. Please do not submit FS-10-F forms until requested by the State Library.

State Library staff review the budget, closing assurance form, any submitted photos and certificate of occupancy, and compare them to the project and budget narratives and photos on the original application to see if all work was carried out and documented, or if an Amendment to Scope is needed. If anything in the project and/or budget narrative changed or could not be completed, the library must request an Amendment to Scope form before submitting the final report. State Library staff will contact the Project Manager if anything additional is needed before the Final Report can be approved.

Once the Final Report is approved, the library will be asked to submit three copies of the FS-10-F form by mail, with original signatures on each set in blue ink, signed by the Chief Administrative Officer (usually the Library Director or President of the Board of Trustees). No scanned copies or digital signatures will be accepted.

All pages of the FS-10-F must be present and printed single-sided to be accepted. The FS-10-F form is different from the FS-10 form used at the beginning of the application process. Please pay special attention to which form you are submitting. State Library staff will review the FS-10-Fs and, once these are approved, the project is approved for payment of the final 10% of the award amount.

Last Updated: November 29, 2023