Smart Growth Impact Statement for Library Construction Awards or State Building Aid

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In accordance with the Smart Growth Public Infrastructure Policy Act, in Environmental Conservation Law (Article 6 § 1-11), the applicant attests that the Smart Growth Impact for the proposed building project application has been assessed.

Please check appropriate boxes to indicate compliance.

  • This project meets one or more of  the criteria of the smart growth legislation:
    • to advance projects for the use, maintenance or improvement of existing infrastructure;
    • to advance projects located in municipal centers;
    • to advance projects in developed areas or areas designated for concentrated infill development in a municipally approved comprehensive land use plan, local waterfront revitalization plan and/or brownfield opportunity area plan;
    • to protect, preserve, and enhance the State’s resources, including agricultural land, forests, surface and groundwater, air quality, recreation and open space, scenic areas, and significant historic and archeological resources;
    • to foster mixed land uses and compact development, downtown revitalization, brownfield redevelopment, the enhancement of beauty in public spaces, the diversity and affordability of housing in proximity to places of employment, recreation and commercial development and the integration of all income and age groups;
    • to provide mobility through transportation choices including improved public transportation and reduced automobile dependency;
    • to coordinate between state and local government and intermunicipal and regional planning;
    • to participate in community based planning and collaboration;
    • to ensure predictability in building and land use codes; and
    • to promote sustainability by strengthening existing and creating new communities which reduce greenhouse gas emissions and do not compromise the needs of future generations, by among other means encouraging broad based public involvement in developing and implementing a community plan and ensuring the governance structure is adequate to sustain its implementation.

Justification that the proposed projects meet one or more of the above criteria: (attach additional sheets as necessary):



If no boxes are checked, please provide justification for non-compliance with the Smart Growth Act:

The applicant has determined it cannot adhere to one or more criteria as set forth in the Smart Growth Public Infrastructure Act.  Justification for noncompliance with Smart Growth criteria is provided as follows: (attach additional sheets as necessary)




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