Payee Information Form / EIN

Payee Form

Each library must submit both a Payee and a W-9 form. Please complete these forms (in MS Word [Word document icon 92k] | .PDF [PDF icon 155k]) per the instructions on the form.

NOTE: A substitute W-9 Form must be completed by all construction applicants, and it should be sent to your public library system, not directly to the State. The Payee Information Form is NOT submitted as a PDF attachment, but must be submitted with an original signature signed in blue ink to the library system, who will batch the payee forms from all approved applications and send them to Julia Maxwell at the Division of Library Development/New York State Library. Questions concerning the Payee Information Form should be directed to Julia Maxwell.

Instructions for Receiving an EIN and a Vendor Number

In order for a public library to apply for funding from the NY State Library’s State Aid for Library Construction Program, the library must have its own Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN), which will enable the library to receive an NYS vendor number.  A public library must be assigned a vendor number in order to receive construction funds.

The library must have its own EIN regardless if it currently shares its municipality’s EIN number for payroll or other purposes.

If the library does not have its own EIN, then the library needs to apply for one from the Internal Revenue Service. The library can apply for a new FEIN online through the IRS websiteexternal link opens in a new window. A paper form can also be downloadedexternal link opens in a new window and mailed or faxed to the IRS.

If help is needed with the EIN process, the local IRS office should be contacted. IRS locatorexternal link opens in a new window

Once the library has its own EIN, the next step is to receive an NYS vendor number.

Julia Maxwell in the NY State Library’s Division of Library Development will help the library complete the process for receiving an NYS vendor number. She can be contacted via e-mail or by calling 518-474-4734.

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