Public Librarian Professional Certificate Professional Development Resources

If you are unsure whether your chosen professional development activity will meet State Education Department requirements, contact your employer or Jeffrey Kirkendall; (v) 518-486-1330.


An online community dedicated to networking, information sharing, and quality online courses provided at the lowest cost possible to the library community.

The New York Library Association

Information on professional development opportunities, professional conferences, NYLA Institutes, and other resources for librarians in New York State.

Empire State Library Network (formerly New York 3Rs Association)

These are chartered educational institutions resulting from the association of a group of institutions of higher education, libraries, nonprofit educational institutions, hospitals, and other institutions organized to improve reference and research library service. There are nine across the state; all offer professional development activities. Continuing Education Events.

Classes at the New York State Library

These classes, for those who live in the capital region or will be visiting, cover a broad range of topics.

ALA’s Reference and User Services Association

Online course offerings.

ALA’s Public Library Association

Certified Public Library Administrator (CPLA) courses, which may be taken as professional development courses for certificate holders.

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