Application for Public Librarian's Professional Certificate

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Having met all requirements, I hereby apply for a public librarian’s professional certificate. I understand that, in order to maintain active certification, I must complete 60 hours of professional development every five-year period, such period to be defined from the initial certificate date.


Degree-Granting Institution*

*Verification of MLS, in the form of an official transcript from the degree-granting institution, must be provided by applicant unless such verification has been submitted by the degree-granting institution.

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    ___ Transcript enclosed  ___ Transcript to be forwarded by degree-granting institution

Name of Degree-Granting Institution       City/State __________________________________________________________________________________________
Degree Granted

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          Signature of Applicant                                                                                           Date

Check for $5 payable to the State Education Department must accompany application.


Fee Paid _______________

Check # ________________




Date Issued____________

Please return this form to:
Public Librarian Certification
The State Education Department
Division of Library Development
Cultural Education Center - Room 10B41
Albany, New York 12230

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