Library Legislation in New York State: 2013 Chapters

2013 Laws Relating to State Funding for Libraries

Chapter 50

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State Operations Budget Bill: Provides a state operations appropriation of $693,000 for 2013-2014 to the State Education Department for the New York State Library for the conservation / preservation program (Education Law 273(7)) and the Talking Book Braille Library (Education Law 273(8)) and $350,000 for services and expenses of the library conservation program at the state university of New York. Signed by Governor, 4/10/13

Chapter 53

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Aid to Localities Budget Bill: Provides a local assistance appropriation for 2013-2014 Library Aid of $85,627,000, plus additional aid to public libraries of $1,300,000 for costs associated with payment of the metropolitan commuter transportation mobility tax (MTA). Signed by Governor, 4/10/13

Chapter 54

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Capital Projects Budget: Provides a $14 million capital appropriation for 2013-2016 grants for public library construction, renovation and rehabilitation (Education Law 273-a). Signed by Governor, 4/10/13

Chapter 57

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Article 7 Legislation Language – Education, Labor, and Family Assistance Article VII Legislation: Relates to the State support of libraries in that no library, library system or program shall receive less total system or program aid than it received in the year 2001-2002, except as a result of necessary reduction adjustments. Signed by Governor, 3/29/13

Chapter 362

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State Aid for Conservation/Preservation of Library Materials: Amends Education Law 273(7) related to state aid for the conservation and preservation of library research materials. Streamlines and modernizes the program by eliminating the competitive Coordinated Grant Program for the designated eleven research libraries while at the same time increasing the annual statutory formula grants to those eleven entities from $126,000 to $158,000. Signed by Governor, 9/27/13

2013 Laws Relating to Dormitory Authority Construction/Financing Services

2013 Laws Relating to Public Library Districts

Chapter 299

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Provides for the creation of the Reed Memorial public library district in the town of Carmel, New York, if approved by the voters of such proposed district. Signed by Governor, 7/31/13

2013 Other Laws Relating to Libraries

Chapter 247

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Allows public libraries and schools to enter into partnerships to make library card applications and library information available to students.  Signed by Governor, 7/31/13

Chapter 181

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Allows boards of cooperative educational services to enter into contracts with public libraries for high speed telecommunications services.  Signed by Governor, 7/31/13

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