Step 7. Indexes for Legislative Bills

A complete history of each bill introduced in the Legislature is found in the following indexes:

  • New York Legislative Record and Index (Albany: Legislative Index Publishing Co., 1907- 1984; title varies: 1907-1912, "New York Legislative Index"). R, 328.747 qN549 for 1907- 1984.
  • State of New York Legislative Digest (Albany: Legislative Bill Drafting Commission, 1985- current). R, LEG 006.8-3 LEGDI 83-25. The Legislative Digest for the current legislative session is published in paper copy, and is cumulated. After the annual volume has been delivered to the publisher a small "Supplemental Pocket Part" is published containing material received too late for inclusion in the bound volume.  Last four years on "RT/LAW" table.
  • "Legislative Digest-Bill Summaries" are received daily, and kept at the "RT/LAW" table on clipboards-one for the Assembly and one for the Senate.

The Legislative Digest is a sequential arrangement of Senate and Assembly bill summaries. It includes dates of legislative action for each bill, and the names of the Committees to which the bill was referred. The Governor's approval and veto messages are printed in full. Proposed bills and enacted laws are listed under the appropriate sections in the consolidated laws, if applicable. A list of bills sponsored by each Legislator is recorded. A table of laws amended or repealed , and cross reference tables by chapter number and bill number are provided.

If your legislative history involves a relatively recent bill or statute, there are additional sources of information besides The Legislative Digest:

  • Contact the appropriate Legislative Committee.
  • Legislative Retrieval System database. Full text.  Covers 1994-present.  Includes status of bills and governor's approval and veto messages.  Search by keyword or bill number.  Access at any Internet computer at the Electronic Reference Station.
  • Senate Home Page.  Full text.  Covers current year only.  Includes status of bills and governor's approval and veto messages.  Search by bill number.
  • Legislative Assistance and Service Office (Senate).
    Legislative Office Building, Room 214.
    Telephone: (518) 455-3216.

    They will inform you of the status of a bill in the current session, and the bill number if it is not known. They supply bill memos.
Last Updated: August 4, 2020