Step 5. Sponsor's Memorandum

Legislators who sponsor bills often provide a memorandum giving their justifications for introducing the bill. As mentioned in previous steps these memoranda are included in the bill jackets and in The New York State Legislative Annual. These memoranda can be found in McKinney's Session Laws (1951 to current), interfiled with Laws of New York in the "Law/NYS" collection. Recent editions refer to the sponsor's memorandum as "Memorandum in Support, New York Senate" (or Assembly). Also check the Public Papers of the Governors series.

The Library has a collection of these memoranda on microfiche:

New York State Senate and Assembly Sponsor's Memoranda. 1983-1990, 1997-2002 (as of 9/07). MA/FF, LEG 481-2 ASSM 87-001170 (or LEG 795.8-3 SENSM 87-001171). Files in Microform Area. 

Sponsors' memoranda are also available for many bills in the Legislative Retrieval System, which is available at any Internet computer in the Computer/Internet Sign-Up area at the Library.  Search by bill number or keyword.

Last Updated: May 10, 2021