Step 10. Literature Searches

Scholarly studies of New York State laws are published in law reviews and monographs. Newspapers, like The New York Times, cover the political, social, economic and legal aspects of society. Observations of editors and columnists may be useful in providing background information on State legislation.

Indexes to Legal Periodicals.

NOTE: To find where a law journal is indexed consult Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory (New Providence, NJ: R.R. Bowker, annual). RR, 016.05 qP44.

  1. Printed indexes.
    • c. 1790-1937. An Index to Legal Periodical Literature (Boston: Boston Book Co./ Los Angeles: Parker and Baird Co./ rpt. Buffalo: Dennis). "To Dec. 1886-1937". L, 016.34 I387 202-10492.
    • 1926-present. Index to Legal Periodicals and Books (Buffalo: Dennis/ New York: H.W. Wilson). Monthly issues, annual cumulations. L, 016.34705 I38.
  2. Online databases.

    Legal articles may be found in a wide variety of the State Library’s databases, such as Academic OneFile, JSTOR, and Science Direct, as well as in Google Scholar.

Background Material for New York State Laws.

  1. New York Times Index (New York: R.R. Bowker/ New York Times). This newspaper is on microfilm in the Microform Area, from 1851 to current with about a two month lag. Current paper editions available at the Circulation Desk.
    • Printed index.
      • 1851-present. Printed index at R, 071 qN5492. Semimonthly updates/ quarterly cumulations.
    • Online indexes.  Available at any Internet computer in the Computer/Internet Sign-Up area at the Library.
      • 1857-2004.  Proquest Historical Newspapers.  Full text.
      • 1980-present. National Newspaper Index (Farmington Hills, MI:  Gale Group).
      • 1994-present. Newspaper Source in EBSCOhost. Index.
      • 1995-present.  America's Newspapers (Newsbank). Full text.
      • 1995-present.  Infotrac Custom Newspapers (Gale Group).  Full text.
  2. Public Affairs Information Services.
    • Printed indexes.
      • 1915-1990. PAIS Bulletin (New York: H.W. Wilson/ Public Affairs Information Services). "Cumulative Subject Index, 1915-1974." R, 016.3 qP97.
      • 1991-present. PAIS International in Print. Monthly/ interim cumulations. R, 016.3 qP147 91-12335.
    • Online index. Available at any Internet computer in the Computer/Internet Sign-Up area at the Library.
      • 1972-present. PAIS International (Bethesda, MD: Proquest-CSA). Index.
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