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Disposal of U.S. Government Depository Publications Procedures for New York State Depositories

The New York State Regional Depository uses the FDLP eXchangeexternal link icon for the disposal of depository materials. Selective U.S. depository libraries in New York State may withdraw depository publications following the procedures outlined below.

Weeding Projects

Notify us if you are planning a large weeding project of 250 items or more. We can oftentimes streamline the process for you and offer collection assessment tools and sample workflows. It also gives us the chance to gear up to process your lists in a timely manner. Email as soon as possible for more information.

  • No more than 250 items/week. 250 items can be included on one spreadsheet.
  • Do not offer more than 1,000 items in a calendar month unless preapproved by the Regional.

More detailed information about weeding procedures in FDLP libraries can be found at: Weeding a Depository Collectionexternal link icon.

Do I need to offer this item?

  • Superseded Items
    Titles identified in the Current Superseded Guidelinesexternal link icon  may be discarded upon receipt of a new edition or revision without offering. Additional criteria and general rules can be found on pages 3-7 of the 1996 Superseded Listexternal link icon.
  • Microfiche
    Do not list microfiche on FDLP eXchange. Please retain fiche for 5 years and then discard as appropriate for your collections. If you are discarding a large run or significant set, please notify us via email 5 business days before discarding.
  • Substitutions
    Electronic or microformat material can be substituted on a case-by-case basis after holding the material for 1 year, but the substitution must be approved by the Regional. If you apply for a substitution, you should include a link to the resource you wish to substitute it for. It must be a full and complete version of the material, available to the public free of charge. Once an item is approved for substitution you may be able to discard it without offering. FDLP eXchange does not support offering material held less than 5 years. For further information on substitution see Best Practices When Superseding and Substitutingexternal link icon.
  • Five Year Rule

    All other materials received through the Depository Library must be retained for 5 years, then offered via FDLP eXchange for 30 days before disposal.

Information for New Users

Logging into FDLP eXchange

Log into FDLP eXchangeexternal link icon. The contact person listed with GPO is the email address associated with your FDLP eXchange account. That person will need to sign in and add any additional users before those users will be able to log in. For questions or problems with passwords and logging in, email

Getting oriented to the new tool

Review Periods

In April of 2020, the FDLP extended review periodsexternal link to accommodate libraries that may be closed or have limited staff. The extended review periods will help prevent libraries from missing opportunities to obtain materials. The NYS Library adopted the 180 regional review period.

  • Time for Regional Review: 45 days
  • Time for Selective Review: 15 days
  • Time to Offer Nationally: 15 days

Offering Nationally

We strongly suggest selecting an additional period of offering nationally, even if it is only for one day. There are libraries across the country doing digitization projects, recovering from disasters, and completing subject collections vital to their researchers. See Using FDLP eXchange to Offer Materials Nationally.

Preparing an Offers List

Manual entry

Items to be discarded may be entered manually. If you are entering items manually a red asterisk (*) indicates a required field. See Entering an Offer Using the Form (video: 6 min., 25 sec.).external link

Spreadsheet entry

Offers can also be uploaded using an offers spreadsheet into the FDLP eXchange system. See Creating an Offers Spreadsheet (video: 13 min., 21 sec.)external link. If your software does not support the .xlsx format you should use the .csv versions of the templates.

Templates for .xlsx and .csv lists are available from the FDLP siteexternal link icon.

Notes on spreadsheet entries:

  • We suggest you autofillexternal link your classification type. If your material is Dewey or LC classed you need only supply SUDOC numbers for material published post-1985. Dewey or LC numbers are sufficient for older items. SUDOC numbers for post 1985 materials can usually be found by searching the Catalog of Government Publicationsexternal link.
  • We suggest you autofillexternal link your condition entry to the general condition of your collection and change the condition for an individual item when you notice a deviation from the norm. For example: If your collection is generally in fine condition, but one item you are processing is in poor condition, autofill the condition column with "Fine" then change the condition of the one item "Poor". See the FDLP Condition Assessment Definitionsexternal link to orient yourself to condition types.
  • The system will not accept offers of material that is not 5 years or older.
  • Your Integrated Library System (ILS) likely has the capability to export the required information into a spreadsheet from a report you run, saving you time typing or cutting and pasting. We will help you find training material on exporting reports from your specific ILS.

Uploading Offers

See Uploading a Spreadsheet of Offers with Fewer than 250 Entries (video: 3 min., 20 sec.)external link After uploading a spreadsheet you will be prompted to correct any errors in the formatting of the SUDOC numbers and/or any missing information. 

Next Steps

Receiving Requests

Requesting libraries, including the Regional, will contact you through the FDLP eXchange dashboard. Be sure that you set up your email notifications in FDLP eXchange. Please respond to requests within 3 business days.

Shipping Procedures

Postage to the Regional Library and selective libraries in New York State is the responsibility of the discarding library. Sometimes use of an interlibrary courier is possible. Material headed to the Regional should be shipped promptly to the address below.

6th Floor Documents Unit
Cultural Education Center
222 Madison Avenue
Albany, NY 12230
Attn: Regional Collection Adders (your depository number)


Once FDLP eXchange has notified you that your material was eligible for discard, you may dispose of it as you see fit. Remember that if items are sold as secondhand books or waste paper the proceeds must be sent to the Superintendent of Documents.


If you have any questions or would like to request training, please contact us:

Last Updated: May 5, 2022