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Speeches of Ewald B. Nyquist, New York State Commissioner of Education

This is a finding aid (see Guides and Finding Aids) to the speeches of Ewald B. Nyquist (Deputy Commissioner of Education 1957-69 and Commissioner of Education 1969-77) that are held by the New York State Library. More information is available from the Library's online catalog.

Year Day Title Copy
1958 December 12 Some aspects of the National Defense Education Act of 1958 of interest to school administrators C.1
1961 April 22 To take the most furthest and the best highest in the University of the State of New York: or, being both equal and excellent in the state of New York  
1961 May 18 Before the gates of excellence, sweat or, being both amateur and excellent  
1962 September 26 New York State's cup of TV, or time's winged chariot C.1
1962 December 8 Rheum at the top C.1
1963 January 14 To affect the quality of the day C.1
1963 March 28 The role of Catholic colleges in the state's plans for higher education: some comments C.1
1963 April 19 Our library affairs and federal legislation: calculated interdependence and reliable complexities C.1
1963 May 23-24 Equality, New York State, and the foreign student advisor C.1
1963 June 2 How are you doing, wise-wise? C.1
1963 June 18 The debit column is the one nearest the window C.1-2
1963 July 10 Hemidemisemiquavers C.1-2
1963 November 8 Clay should be choosey of its potters C.1-2
1963 November 8 Some factors characterizing excellence in faculty C.1
1964 January 22-24 Go forward in the way as it opens, or "Don't never look back--something may be gaining on you" C.1-2
1964 February 1 The wing wherewith we fly to heaven, or, the real function of accreditation  
1964 February 13 Education is a many-splintered thing, or Putting secondary things first in the State of New York C.1
1964 February 22-23 Putting your best foot forward, or Podiatry is a many-splintered thing C.1-2
1964 April 16 Your public servants serve you right C.1-2
1964 April 30 You can take it with you C.1-2
1964 May 16 I love my wife, but oh, Euclid! C.1
1964 May 22 A mighty oak is just a little nut that held its ground C.1
1964 June 11-12 Issues in the art of putting two skills into one skull C.1-2
1964 June 30 Some remarks on the need for review of HEAC's loan program: a brief report to the New York Higher Education Assistance Corporation C.1
1964 July 14 Room at the top, or Educational leadership in New York C.1-2
1964 July 15 Demisemiquavers, or The second time around C.1
1964 August 4 Rx: a prescription for the pharmacy profession C.1
1964 October 4 Education for the future in wholesale lots: a message to the retail merchants of New York C.1-2
1964 November 2 A triumvirate in a new alliance, or A bright future for complexity C.1
1964 November 6 "Schoolmasters will I keep within my house fit to instruct ... youth," or 3 flaws in the ointment C.1-2
1964 November 10 Bene merens ... *a well-deserving man C.1
1964 December 5 Hoisting a state on its own canard, or Room at the top C.1-2
1965 January 21 The dilemma of quantity and quality in the social work profession C.1-2
1965 February 5 From two to toothless, or Educational quality and pre-kindergarten programs C.1-2
1965 February 5 IBM, anyone? C.1-2
1965 March 19 Tentative plans for strengthening the New York State Education Department C.1
1965 March 20 New Jersey higher education in the mid-sixties: a time for reform and cooperation C.1
1965 May 18 The efficiency of freedom: Rhode Island's opportunity C.1
1965 June 9 As long as you're up, get me a grant C.1
1965 June 22 Food for thought for home economists, or Education is too important to be left solely to educators C.1
1965 June 22 The role of educational communications in state leadership, or More audio than visual C.1
1965 July 14 Semiquavers, or the third time round  
1965 August 27 A glitch in time C.1
1965 September 22 Learning how to live under water C.1-2
1965 October 7 Museums as an educational resource: the position of the Regents C.1
1965 October 13 The Economic Opportunity Act: displacement instead of shared responsibility, or Should New York only coo while Washington operates? C.1-2
1965 October 23 Room at the bottom, too, or The question of quality in the two-year college C.1-2
1965 November 10 Local-state-federal relationships in education C.1
1965 November 16 The richer meaning of the migrant labor program C.1
1965 December 7 Regionalization's challenge to administration in education C.1
1966 January 20 How to get into college without really trying, or Some myths about college admissions C.1-2
1966 January 31 Integration: doing what should come naturally C.1-2
1966 March 31 Integration: why we can't wait C.1-2
1966 April 4 It takes more than two to tangle, or Problems of the new local-state-federal partnership C.1-3
1966 April 14 State education departments: barriers or brokers? C.1-2
1966 May 10 Assuming the mantle of leadership responsibility for educational television, or Putting a toga in your tank C.1
1966 May 12 Teachers are more important than parents  
1966 June 7 There are two ways to get to the top of an oak tree, or Learning how to live under water C.1
1966 June 14-16 Pre-school education: a first priority C.1
1966 July 7 A universal system of education is ultimately tested at its margins, or, putting a tiger in your tank  
1966 July 12 The three R's in New York: color them green C.1
1966 July 13 Take me to your lieder C.1
1966 July 20 The unfinished business of the Civil War  
1966 August 8 New York State has everything--why not you? or The returned Peace Corps volunteer and New York State C.1
1966 September 28 Inauguration of the archdiocese of New York Instructional Television Fixed Service Operation: the State's interest C.1
1966 November 4 The misbehavioral sciences and the State Education Department C.1
1966 December 3 Is man's best friend really a dog? C.1
1966 December 6 Multum in Parvo  
1967 April 3 Why Johnny is going to read C.1-2
1967 June 1 Prescription for a profession C.1
1967 July 5 The schools and a cultural democracy C.1-3
1967 August 2 Poverty, prejudice, and the public library  
1967 September 21 The redistribution of decision-making power in education, or, old superintendents never die---  
1967 October 31 Where the action is, or, the cutting edges in guidance  
1967 November 8 Turning on with EDP, or GI = GO C.1-2
1967 November 11 A hot line to tomorrow C.1
1968 January 10 The opportunities and obligations of our schools in integrated education, or "We have met the enemy--and he is us" C.1-2
1968 February 28 New directions in correcting racial imbalance, or Two women under one roof C.1
1968 March 10 New dimensions in school personnel administration  
1968 March 26 Toward a more viable merit system, or Your public servants serve you right C.1
1968 September 10 Hemisemidemiquavers, or The extension of literacy through music and the arts C.1
1968 November 8 Creative service and constructive change in the nutrition of the young C.1
1969 January 26 [Barriers to equal and adequate educational opportunities] C.1
1969 May 7 Accountability in education C.1
1969 July 21 Reprise on state accreditation C.1
1969 August 1 Points to ponder for a new school board member C.1
1969 August 26 The revolting student C.1
1969 September 17 A caul to vision: long-range planning in education C.1
1969 September 23 Our intellectual estates and the state: some thoughts C.1
1969 September 28 Raising the quality of discontent C.1
1969 September 29 Community service, involvement, and human relations C.1
1969 October 9 The young, the poor, and the black C.1
1969 October 20 The future of Catholic higher education, or Question, believe, and build tomorrow C.1-2
1969 October 27 School board leadership and the quality of discontent C.1
1970 January 8 The eel in the barrel C.1
1970 January 17 New York City and the State Education Department in the 1970's C.1
1970 January 25 Some reflections on education in the 1970's C.1
1970 February 10 Some questions in the 1970's for higher education C.1
1970 April 13 Some reflections on higher education in the 1970's C.1
1970 May 13 The age of humanity, or, Aquarius and the rebirth of love  
1970 July 9 Accountability in elementary and secondary education C.1
1970 July 10 The states' role in supporting higher education community service and continuing education  
1970 July 20 A swan-song on state accreditation C.1-3
1970 August 1 Points to ponder for a new school board member the second time round C.1
1970 September 17 The role of the private vocational schools in the University of the State of New York C.1
1970 September 20 The forces shaping our future C.1
1970 October 6 The idea of the University of the State of New York -- Some facts and issues. C.1
1970 October 8 Reflections on public school education in the 1970's C.1
1970 October 9 Issues in higher education C.1
1970 October 15 Some reflections on public school education in the 1970's C.1
1970 October 17 Ithaca College: a tribute to Howard Dillingham C.1
1970 October 21 Issues in the reform of higher education C.1-2
1970 October 25 Mission, goals, and priorities in public school education C.1
1970 October 26 Evaluation and the individual in unconventional study C.1
1970 November 6 Accreditation in the public interest C.1
1970 November 8 The role of the secondary school principal: a stranger in paradox C.1
1970 November 10 Some giant steps in education in the 1970's C.1
1970 November 11 New York's library development program for the 1970's C.1
1970 December 5 The two-way partnership C.1
1970 December 7 The British primary school approach to education: time for reform in the elementary schools C.1
1970 December 7 Some comments on the financial problems of private colleges C.1
1970 December 20 Student alienation and the schools C.1
1971 January 7 The new three R's for the district superintendency C.1-2
1971 January 22 Thoughts on the future of private higher education C.1-2
1971 January 28 A profit need not be without honor C.1-3
1971 January 29 A report of progress and plans to the school district administrators of New York State C.1-3
1971 February 2 Engineering education and the effluent society C.1-3
1971 February 3 Open education: its philosophy, historical perspectives and its implications C.1-3
1971 February 11 The role of the state in urban education C.1-3
1971 February 23 New directions for education in New York City C.1-3
1971 March 10 Education's new life style: humanization C.1-3
1971 March 10 The humanistic school of the future C.1-3
1971 March 19 The College of St. Rose and Vision 2020 C.1-3
1971 March 23 The Regents external degree C.1-2
1971 March 31 Comments on Wisconsin's Kellett Commission Report C.1-3
1971 April 26 The role of the college and university in a political world C.1-3
1971 May 4 All the isms are wasms, or Self-renewal in an age of discontinuity C.1-3
1971 May 10 Imperative--a redesign for health education C.1-3
1971 May 18 Planning for continuing education in the 70's C.1-3
1971 June 6 Taboo or not taboo--that is the question, or Sacred cows make good hamburger C.1-2
1971 July 15 All the isms are wasms, or Self-renewal in an age of discontinuity C.1
1971 July 31 Points to ponder for a new school board member: the third time round C.1-2
1971 September 10 Humane ends and the Adirondack Ecological Center C.1-3
1971 September 16 A Vassar-Union-Syracuse proposal for a Mid-Hudson Center: time for decision C.1-2
1971 October 3 The elementary school principal: leader or follower? C.1
1971 October 25 "... the people who will stand up for what is right." C.1
1971 November 1 The external degree: challenge and opportunity C.1
1971 November 30 Music as communication C.1-3
1971 December 1 Some reflections on expanding higher education in the in the 1970's C.1
1971 December 13 James E. Allen, Jr.: his contribution to education C.1
1972 January 6 Adversity, leadership, and the district superintendent C.1
1972 January 20 The importance and method of evaluating agency programs C.1
1972 January 27 Take me to your leaders C.1-3
1972 January 28 Progress and prospects: a report to the New York State Council of School District Administrators C.1-3
1972 February 14 Regionalism: a modern metaphor of collective excellence C.1-3
1972 March 1 Newspapers--a valuable teaching tool C.1-3
1972 March 13 "Where no counsel is ..." C.1-3
1972 March 14 In tribute to Jim Hester C.1-2
1972 March 16 Statement by Ewald B. Nyquist ... before Subcommittee No. 5, Committee on the Judiciary, United States House of Representatives, Thursday, March 16, 1972, 10:00 a.m. EST, Room 2141, Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, D.C. C.1
1972 March 24 The crisis in school finance C.1-2
1972 April 3 Reading and humaneness in the schools C.1-3
1972 April 17 Full state funding and local school board policy-making C.1-3
1972 April 21 We have nothing to fear but atmosphere itself C.1-2
1972 April 22 Some thoughts on a silver anniversary C.1-3
1972 May 15 A state board gets the agenda it deserves C.1-3
1972 May 17 Education's financial dilemma: planning for change or reacting to crisis C.1-3
1972 May 22 Values for responsible freedom C.1-3
1972 May 31 Where there is no bread, there is no torah C.1
1972 June 13 The wing wherewith we fly to heaven C.1-3
1972 June 16 Giving things trade and technical pride of place C.1-3
1972 July 29 Points to ponder for a new school board member: the fourth time round C.1-3
1972 August 14 The performance movement in teacher education and certification C.1-2
1972 September 5 Going by contraries C.1
1972 September 21 The George Junior Republic: a salute to an educational community C.1
1972 September 27 Public mission and accountability C.1-2
1972 October 1 The governance of education C.1-3
1972 October 10 School districts, regionalism, and the future C.1-3
1972 October 19 The Y and our builders C.1-3
1972 October 29 Outreach to our builders C.1-3
1973 January 4 Instructional technology and educational support systems: the role of boards of cooperative educational services C.1-3
1973 January 25 The Fleischmann Report and four priorities C.1-2
1973 February 10 The place and purpose of interscholastic athletics in the modern secondary school program C.1-3
1973 February 26 Freedom of information and accountability, or Jack Chen and the Inspector General C.1-3
1973 February 28 The Regents external degrees C.1-3
1973 March 9 The new federalism: how will it influence education? C.1-3
1973 March 13 Business and industry and the reform of education C.1-3
1973 April 6 Humanism and accountability: contradictory or complementary? C.1-2
1973 April 9 Industry and education: partners or competitors? C.1-3
1973 May 3 Reflections on three issues in higher education C.1-3
1973 May 7 The unexamined life is not worth living C.1-3
1973 May 10 Alternative schools and optional learning environments C.1-3
1973 May 11 "Like, you know, I mean, right?" C.1-3
1973 May 30 The gifted: the invisibly handicapped, or "There's no heavier burden than a great potential" C.1-2
1973 May 30 New York City and the State Education Department C.1-3
1973 May 31 The Polytechnic Institute of New York and the prospects for engineering C.1
1973 June 3 Non-traditional approaches to higher education C.1-3
1973 June 11 Education's dilemma C.1-3
1973 July 3 Equity in athletics, or A Ms. is as good as a male C.1-3
1973 July 5 Reschooling society, or Optional learning environments C.1-3
1973 July 18 Optional learning environments, or What have we learned from H. G. Wells? C.1-3
1973 July 27 Points to ponder for a new school board member: the fifth time round C.1-3
1973 September 11 On priorities C.1
1973 October 7 Optional learning environments, or Toward a new equilibrium in education C.1-3
1973 October 24 Education and the arts, or Another way of looking at the Tower of Babel C.1-3
1973 October 29 What's right with the schools C.1-2
1973 October 31 Non-traditional studies, or Alternatives to the Bed of Procrustes C.1-3
1973 November 13 The emerging state role in urban education, or Cities are no longer "pie for the hayseeds" C.1-3
1974 January 10 Remarks on the silver anniversary of BOCES C.1-3
1974 January 24 Governance, state and local C.1-3
1974 February 22 New York and its commitment to law-related education C.1-3
1974 April 23 Postsecondary education for service personnel and veterans C.1-3
1974 September 10 Declining enrollments and expanding opportunities C.1-2
1974 September 19 Some thoughts on higher education--serious and otherwise--from Alexander Hamilton to Yogi Berra C.1-3
1974 October 5 Union and USNY C.1-3
1974 October 16 Business, industry, and the Wildwood Center C.1
1974 October 18 Women in education: a "Burr's-eye" view C.1-3
1974 November 12 The role of independent schools within an interdependent system of education C.1-3
1975 January 13 "For now sits Expectation in the air ..." C.1-3
1975 January 23 Issues in sports and physical education: some thoughts for nice hoppers C.1-3
1975 January 23 The management of decline C.1-3
1975 February 2 Without bread there is no Torah, or Vocationalism in the higher learning C.1-3
1975 February 5 Articulation and learning options in education C.1-3
1975 February 13 British teacher centres and New York's experience with competency-based teacher education C.1-3
1975 February 13 A time for leadership and a time for opportunity C.1
1975 February 27 Public and nonpublic education: a seamless garment C.1-3
1975 March 11 The external high school diploma C.1-3
1975 March 13 The role and prospects of universities in urban affairs C.1-3
1975 March 31 New departures in American higher education (and some problems and issues) C.1-3
1975 April 14 The independent residential school and a sense of community C.1-3
1975 April 14 A universal system of education is ultimately tested at its margins C.1-3
1975 April 25 Going from one ex-stream to another C.1-3
1975 April 27 Optional learning environments: diversifying the curriculum to humanize the system C.1-3
1975 April 30 Anti-intellectualism and the uses of intelligence C.1-2
1975 May 1 ... one unbroken flow ... C.1-3
1975 May 6 The liberal arts and the multanimous society C.1-3
1975 May 7 Creating law-related education programs C.1-3
1975 May 26 Four priorities C.1-3
1975 June 14 I like the dream of the future better than the history of the past of the past C.1-3
1975 June 30 Education and the state: "crusade against ignorance" C.1-3
1975 July 17 Evaluation (and termination) of degree programs in the context of statewide planning C.1-3
1975 September 10 Olé C.1-3
1975 September 12 The school board presidency ... unless one is in love C.1-3
1975 September 23 The role of colleges in communities: a New York perspective C.1-3
1975 September 30 Of Ms. and men: equity in education C.1-3
1975 October 9 Four priorities for 1975-76 C.1-3
1975 October 10 Saint Elizabeth Ann and the University of the State of New York C.1-3
1975 October 15 Women and what's right about education C.1-3
1975 October 20 "Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women" C.1-3
1975 October 21 Some high priorities C.1-2
1975 October 22 Statement by Ewald B. Nyquist ... before the Subcommittee on Postsecondary Education, Committee on Education and Labor, U.S. House of Representatives, Wednesday, October 22, 1975, Washington, D.C. C.1
1975 October 27 He who has the gold makes the rule C.1-3
1975 October 28 New York's leadership in the assessment of life and work experience C.1-3
1975 November 12 Another view of effective middle management in higher education C.1-3
1975 November 20 In tribute to John Crittenden Sawhill C.1-3
1975 November 22 Social fraternities should become social fraternities C.1-2
1975 December 4 School-college articulation and New York practice C.1-3
1976 January 8 An ill wind that nobody blows good C.1-3
1976 January 9 The purpose of education and the involvement of students C.1-3
1976 January 15 New directions for lifelong learning: some developments in New York State C.1-3
1976 January 29 Disgruntleness, or Education is no longer a money-splendored thing C.1-3
1976 February 11 Work, business, and education (with comments on immorality and inefficiency) C.1-3
1976 February 20 Education is a Jacob's ladder C.1-2
1976 February 27 Education-to-work linkages C.1-3
1976 March 9 An evening with some friends C.1-3
1976 March 15 The City University of New York: crisis and cure C.1-3
1976 March 27 The American "no-fault" morality C.1
1976 April 23 The place and purpose of two-year colleges C.1-2
1976 April 30 "Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees" C.1
1976 May 18 An evening twilight and school business officials C.1-2
1976 May 18 Triage and the talented in American education C.1-2
1976 May 24 Law-related education and American no-fault morality C.1
1976 May 26 The great American dream: education for work? C.1-3
1976 June 25 Tossing a few dead cats into the accrediting sanctuary C.1-2
1976 July 4 American education, the Bicentennial, and the Swedish connection C.1-3
1976 July 20 The American no-fault morality C.1-3
1976 September 11 The school board members' fiduciary obligation to posterity C.1-2
1976 September 17 A school board president and moral leadership C.1
1976 September 24 Place and purpose of athletics in higher education C.1
1976 September 30 The international baccalaureate and global interdependence C.1
1976 October 1 Dentistry and the hallmarks of a profession: a view from another bridge C.1
1976 October 6 Concinnity and the age of the querulous (or the false dawn of the age of Aquarius) C.1-3
1976 October 11 Maintaining excellence in the management of decline C.1-3
1976 October 12 The calculated interdependence of the University of the State of New York C.1
1976 October 18 New York's educational system: attacks and facts C.1
1976 October 23 Bilingual education, TESL and ethnicity in New York State C.1
1976 October 24 Rural education, regionalism, and the future C.1-3
1976 November 7 In tribute to Norman Lamm C.1
1976 November 9 HEOP and hope C.1-2
1976 November 10 The changing role of a school board member (and some other thoughts) C.1-3
1976 November 11 Criticisms of education in New York made without fear or research C.1
1976 November 30 Statement made to the staff of the State Education Department C.1
1976 December 1 New York State student assistance programs C.1
1976 December 9 Educational prostitution and accreditation C.1-3
1977 January 7 NYSSSSO as walkabout C.1
1977 January 11 Testimony of Ewald B. Nyquist, Commissioner of Education, before the Temporary State Commission on the Future of Postsecondary Education C.1
1977 January 31 Why not the best? New York State and its schools in the age of the querulous C.1
1977 February 16 The states & the manna from uncle C.1
1977 March 2 Growth in the New York economy and interdependence with world trade C.1
1977 March 2 A seamless garment C.1
1977 March 10 Priorities for postsecondary education in New York C.1
1977 March 16 Metropolitan desegregation and New York C.1
1977 March 17 Education is a slipping priority (and some expectations) C.1
1977 March 22 "The compleat lawyer" (and some other thoughts on law-related education) C.1
1977 March 31 The future of universities C.1
1977 April 4 Changing policy attitudes and moods at the state and local levels with respect to the improvement in the education of minorities C.1
1977 April 5 Avenues for implementing global perspectives in education in a state's schools: the New York experience C.1
1977 April 12 Nontraditional learning, taking the road less traveled by C.1
1977 April 16 Critical problems for community colleges in New Jersey C.1
1977 April 20 Education in a time of changing social values and fiscal austerity C.1
1977 April 21 Some things which should happen in New York C.1
1977 April 25 Developments in education for the handicapped C.1
1977 April 26 The role of social studies in fostering more informed and responsible citizenship C.1
1977 May 9 Public involvement and a bad idea whose time has come C.1
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