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Checklist of Official Publications of the State of New York

Checklist Issues Available Online

About the Checklist

The Checklist is an electronic monthly compilation of New York State documents acquired by the New York State Library. The format was changed from an electronic pdf to an electronic search link in January 2017.  The monthly link provided above takes users directly to all checklisted documents that were added to the Online Digital Collections during the month indicated. This new format provides direct access to the document pdfs and all available metadata for individual documents.

The search results can be ordered to appear alphabetically by Agency. First, click on the first icon at the top of the search results page to change the default page display:

Screenshot of ArchivalWare (NYSL Digital Collections) showing where to click to change the display to a table format

Then click on the Agency/Topic heading to sort the results by Agency.

Screenshot of ArchivalWare (NYSL Digital Collections) showing how to order results alphabetically.

Checklist documents are also available via Excelsior, the State Library's online catalog.  Current and older titles not available online may be available via interlibrary loan from the New York State Library. Requests should be channeled through normal interlibrary loan procedures.

Note: Documents are included in the Checklist if they have been created during the past five years.

Prior to the new electronic version the Checklist was published as an electronic pdf and print publication.  Links to past versions are listed above and are available online in the Digital Collections.

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