New York State Library
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Man using a photocopier

Self-Service Copy Services

Self-service copiers are available on the 7th Floor of the Cultural Education Center. Trained staff are available to assist you in using the various types of machines we offer:

  • Conventional photocopiers
  • Overhead book scanners for making paper copies or digital images
  • Microfilm reader-printers for making paper copies or digital images
  • Microfiche reader-printers for making paper copies or digital images

Photocopiers, book scanners, microfilm reader-printers, and microfiche reader-printers only provide black-and-white paper copies and black-and-white digital images.

Costs/Payment Methods for making paper copies:

  • Paper copies are $.25 per page
  • Copiers accept coins, bills and copy cards
  • Copy cards cost a one time fee of $1, can be valued up to $20 and revalued for use on multiple visits

Receipts are only available for value placed on copy cards. Checks or credit cards are not accepted for copying performed by customers on site.

Man using a microfilm reader

Saving a digital image of Library material:

  • Digital images of Library materials made using Library equipment must be saved to flash drives (aka USB drives, jump drives, or thumb drives). 
  • Customers may use their own flash drive, but the flash drive must be scanned by library staff for viruses before it's used on any Library equipment. Flash drives may also be purchased from the Library for $10.

Most materials in New York State Library's collection are available for copying. The State Library operates in full compliance with US copyright laws; copyrighted materials can be copied if they will be used solely for private study, scholarship or research in accordance with the copyright law (Title 17, US Code, particularly Chapter 1, Sections 107 and 108).

Other restrictions are based on physical condition of the materials or legal restrictions imposed on particular collections.

Last Updated: May 24, 2021