The Great Railroad Strike of 1877
Resources for Teachers and Students of Labor History

Brecher, Jeremy. Strike! Revised and updated edition. Cambridge, MA: South End Press, 1997.

An American labor history from the Great Upheaval (chapter 1) to the Teamsters' UPS strike of 1997, told from the perspective of the rank-and-file workers.

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Easy to read, with photographs by Lewis Hine, possibly the finest chronicler of the conditions of children working in industrial jobs at the turn of the nineteenth century.

Order information: Published by Scholastic Inc., by arrangement with Clarion Books, a Houghton-Mifflin Company imprint; ISBN 0-590-54334-2.

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Mofford, Juliet Haines (editor). Talkin' Union: The American Labor Movement. Carlisle, MA: Discovery Enterprises, Ltd., 1997.

A collection of primary sources, including speeches, song lyrics, illustrations, political cartoons and eyewitness accounts of the American labor movement in the nineteenth and twentieth century.

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