The Great Railroad Strike of 1877
Document 6C: The Duty of Citizens

Albany Argus masthead

scanned newspaper article

Transcription of
The Albany Argus:
Wednesday, July 25, 1877, Vol. LI., No. 18.988
(original spellings & punctuation maintained)


Next to the duty of citizens to support the civil authorities in suppressing the riotous vagrants who have taken advantage of the crisis to inaugurate violence and plunder, is the duty to abstain from standing in public places. The curiosity hunter who swells the mob may be distinguished in appearance from the ungainly strangers who have come hither to gratify thieving propensities. But the presence of the looker-on is nevertheless an encouragement to the rioters. Standing upon the streets, gathering in the park, discussions upon the corners, are to be deprecated. Orderly quiet is the need of the hour.


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