The Great Railroad Strike of 1877
Student Activity Three: Constructed Response Question #1


Transcriptions from The Albany Argus:

  • Document #5A - July 24, 1877: A PROCLAMATION By the Governor.

Activity Directions:

Carefully read Document #5A, A PROCLAMATION By the Governor. Then, use Document #5A and your knowledge of social studies to answer the following questions. Put your answers in your own words; supply examples from the document when asked to "support your answer with evidence."

  1. What is the name of the governor of New York State in 1877?


  2. The Railroad Strike of 1877 began in Martinsburg, West Virginia, on July 16. When and where did the governor write this statement, and when was it issued (presented to the public)?


  3. What circumstances caused the governor to issue this statement?


  4. What specifically does the governor want the strikers to do?


  5. What specifically does the governor expect "all good citizens" to do?


  6. What does the governor believe he, as leader of NYS, must do when such disturbances occur?


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April 8, 2019