The Great Railroad Strike of 1877
Student Activity Two: Guided Reading #1

  • Classroom United States history text
  • Dictionary
  • Transcriptions from The Albany Argus:
    • Document # 3 - July 21, 1877 editorial: The Strike and The Troops

Activity Directions:

Carefully read Document #3, The Strike and The Troops. Then, use Document #3, other resources (text, dictionary, etc.) and your knowledge of social studies to answer the following questions based on the document. Put your answers in your own words; supply examples from the document when asked to "support your answer with evidence."

Paragraph 1:
  1. Why were Federal troops needed in West Virginia?
  2. Why does the author consider sending Federal troops into West Virginia legal?

Paragraph 2:

  1. The New York Evening Post, another newspaper, considers the use of Federal troops a "violation of Democratic doctrine." What right(s) of citizens in a democracy are being violated? Refer to the specific Constitutional amendment protecting this right in your answer.
  2. The author calls The Evening Post's position "puerile." Write two synonyms (words that have the same meaning) for "puerile."
Paragraph 4:
  1. According to the author, who is usually responsible for creating riots and disturbances?
Paragraph 5:
  1. Why did the men riot?
  2. Does the author think they were justified to riot? Support your answer with evidence from the document.
Paragraph 6:
  1. According to the author, why are businessmen reluctant (not eager) to reduce the wages of their workers?
Thought Question:
  1. Who does the author feel is responsible for creating the conflict and the resulting problems? Support your answer with evidence from the document.


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