Our book collection is similar to that found in a public library; it consists of popular fiction and nonfiction, as well as general informational and recreational materials for all ages and tastes. Categories include:

  • adventure,
  • bestsellers,
  • biographies,
  • children's books,
  • classics,
  • cookbooks,
  • current events,
  • foreign language materials,
  • historical fiction,
  • history,
  • humor,
  • mysteries,
  • philosophy,
  • plays,
  • poetry,
  • politics,
  • religious literature,
  • science,
  • short stories,
  • sports,
  • romance,
  • travel, and
  • westerns

No Musical Recordings

TBBL has books about music, but musical recordings are not part of our collection. Borrowers can be referred to the Music Materials section of NLS which offers braille and large print scores, instructional books, and music reference services.

Last Updated: August 23, 2017