Windows XP Screenshots - Downloading a book

After searching or browsing for a book to download, see example below.

Step 1: Download from BARD

If using mouse, left click on link "Download Boone: A Biography, DB72203" (indicated in the screenshot below).  If using the keyboard, tab to "Download Boone: A Biography, DB72203," then press Enter on keyboard. 

The File Download window will then open.

A screenshot showing the BARD interface, with the download link for a book about Daniel Boone highlighted.


Step 2: File Download

In the File Download window, choose Save (highlighted in the screenshot below) or Alt + S. Do NOT choose Open.

A screenshot showing the File Download window, with the Save button highlighted.


Step 3: Choose where to save the book

In this example, using the "Save in" menu, or clicking on the Desktop icon on the left, the BARD user is about to save the book to the Desktop.

Screenshot of the 'Save As' window, showing the files in Desktop.


Step 4: Download Complete

Note that the book's file name contains book information such as author, title and book number. The book is saved as a Compressed (zipped) Folder.

A screenshot of the Download Complete screen, with the Close button highlighted.

A screenshot of the "Download Complete" window; the green bar indicates that the zipped book (The Battle of New Market, by William C. Davis) has finished downloading.  Choose Close when finished.


Last Updated: August 17, 2011