Windows 7 Screenshots - Downloading a Book

Screenshot 1 - Selecting a book from BARD

Screenshot 1, showing a page from BARD where a patron has just started to download a book. The Save option is highlighted.

After clicking the link "Download Armageddon Science: The Science of Mass Destruction, DB72357," the window at the bottom of the screen opened, with the options to open or save the book, or cancel the transaction. Select Save.

Screenshot 2 - Viewing the File Location

Screenshot 2, showing the 'View Downloads' dialog box, with a BARD page open in the background. The Downloads link and the information that appears when hovering over it are higlighted.

If you view your downloads, you'll see the book listed. To find the exact location, or path, on your computer, hover (hold your mouse) over the "Download" link. In the example above, the gray box that appears while hovering indicates that the path is C:\Users\Cynthia\Downloads\DB-Clegg,Brian-Armageddon...

Screenshot 3 - Book in Downloads Directory

Screenshot 3 shows the Downloads window, where the book has been saved. The file 'Type' field, which indicates that this is a compressed file, is highlighted.

Note that at this point, the BARD book is a compressed (zipped) folder.

Last Updated: November 30, 2011