New BARD to go live

NLS Operations Alert

The Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD) will be down for at least twenty-four hours beginning at midnight on Sunday, November 25, while we migrate to the new system. On Tuesday, November 27, the new BARD—featuring Web-Braille materials, the wish list, and other additions—will be available at NLS BARD.

Please be aware that some users may experience log-in problems, especially those who have not logged in during the past four months and those who have asked their browser to remember their password. These BARD users will likely need their password reset.

BARD users will receive the following alert message the first five times they log in to BARD after Tuesday, November 27:

BARD Alert Message

BARD has changed. A brief description of the new materials and features is below.

Braille books, magazines, and music scores are now available on BARD. If you wish to set your search and browse preference to display only audio or only braille, you may do so by selecting your preference from the combo box labeled "Display results." Access this option by selecting the link Update Account Settings from the BARD main page.

Special collection materials, music books and scores, and foreign-language books produced abroad are also available on BARD. You may access these materials from links on the BARD main page.

Every book and magazine title now links to a page with further details and additional links. The additional links lead to lists of more titles that are by the same author, audiobooks read by the same narrator, and/or in the same subject categories. Links to additional books in the same series (if applicable), a link to download the title, and a link to add the title to your wish list, are also available on the details page. Your wish list may be accessed from the BARD main page.

Detailed information about the new materials and featuresexternal link are available at NLS BARD.

Last Updated: February 26, 2014