Mac Screenshot 2: Finder

screenshot from a Mac laptop showing the contents of a flashdrive, with two zipped files highligted.

The screenshot below shows a flashdrive (UDISK) in the Mac "Finder" window. It holds three books; the first one, with the blue folder icon, is a previously unzipped book, while the next two, with white file icons, are still zipped.

Once unzipped, the directory will look like this:

Screenshot of the Finder window, showing both the zipped files and the unzipped folders for some BARD downloads.

In the screenshot above, the directory shows both the zipped and unzipped files, including files for the book Lost Horizon, by James Hilton:

  • DB-Hilton, James-Lost Horizon-DB851095 (unzipped folder, with icon of a blue folder)
  • DB-Hilton, James-Lost (zipped file, with icon of a white page with a zipper and .zip filename extension)
Last Updated: March 21, 2017