Guelph Fauna
Museum Memoir 5

Illustration showing exterior and cross-section drawings of shells, from Museum Memoir 5, Guelph Fauna in New York.

Illustration from Guelph Fauna in the State of New York (NYS Museum Memoir 5) by John M. Clarke and Rudolf Ruedemann, published in 1903.

The image is Plate 7, Guelph Fauna, located between pages 154 and 155 of the publication. Page 154 and 155 have explanations of each specimen shown in the plate; the specimens are drawn are from the Guelph beds at Rochester (Arey collection).

The New York State Library has scanned past issues of the Museum Memoirs, as well as many other historical documents, and posted them online in PDF format as part of its Digital Collections.

Last Updated: October 14, 2009