Library Subject Specialists/Selectors

The following librarians are responsible for recommending materials for purchase to support the mission of the New York State Library. Subject selectors initiate selections for the Library's collections of paper, microform and electronic resources using their subject expertise, bibliographic skills and knowledge of NYS agency research activities. The subject selector's recommendations are reviewed and approved by subject coordinators:

  • Cara Janowsky - Science, Medicine, Law and Social Sciences;
  • Kathi Stanley - History; and
  • Cindy Stark - Humanities.

The NYS Library's Collection Development Policy can be found online.

The New York State Library welcomes suggestions from customers for acquisitions and comments about the Library's collections.

Subject Specialists (Note: all phone numbers are in Area Code 518)
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Subject Name Phone
Agriculture Allan Raney, Cara Janowsky 473-3615
Antiques Shawn Purcell 474-2274
Architecture Shawn Purcell 486-2142
Art Shawn Purcell 486-2142
Banking Nancy Horan 474-2274
Bibliography Valerie Kucan 486-4884
Biology Allan Raney, Cara Janowsky 473-3615
Botany Allan Raney, Cara Janowsky 473-3615
Broadsides Vicki Weiss 474-4461
Buildings Doug O'Connor 486-4932
Census - statistical Allan Raney 474-2274
Census - population schedules Shawn Purcell 474-2274
Chemical Engineering Allan Raney 474-2274
Chemistry Allan Raney 474-2274
Computer Science Stephanie Barrett 474-2274
Construction Doug O'Connor 486-4932
Cookbooks Cara Janowsky 474-2274
Corrections Nancy Horan 474-2274
Criminology Nancy Horan 474-2274
Directories, general reference Valerie Kucan 486-4884
Earth Sciences Allan Raney 474-2274
Education Stephanie Barrett 474-2274
Encyclopedias, general Valerie Kucan 486-4884
Engineering Doug O'Connor 486-4932
Environment Doug O'Connor 486-4932
Ethics Stephanie Barrett 474-2274
Family History Shawn Purcell 474-2274
Federal Documents Cara Janowsky 474-2274
Folklore Paul Mercer 474-4461
Forestry Allan Raney, Cara Janowsky 474-2274
Foundations Allan Raney 474-2274
Genealogy Shawn Purcell 474-2274
Genetics and Evolution Allan Raney, Cara Janowsky 474-2274
Geography Paul Mercer 474-4461
Geology Allan Raney 474-2274
Government Nancy Horan 474-2274
Grants Allan Raney 474-2274
Heraldry Shawn Purcell 474-2274
History - Africa Vicki Weiss 474-4461
History - Asia Vicki Weiss 474-4461
History - Canada Valerie Kucan 486-4884
History - Central America Valerie Kucan 486-4884
History - Europe Valerie Kucan 486-4884
History - Mexico Valerie Kucan 486-4884
History - New York State Stephanie Barrett,
Shawn Purcell,
Vicki Weiss
History - South America Valerie Kucan 486-4884
History - States other than New York Vicki Weiss 474-4461
History - United States Vicki Weiss 474-4461
Journalism Shawn Purcell 474-2274
Language Stephanie Barrett 474-2274
Law Nancy Horan 474-2274
Legislation   474-2274
Legislative Intent   474-2274
Library and Information Science Valerie Kucan 486-4884
Life Sciences Allan Raney, Cara Janowsky 474-2274
Literature Valerie Kucan 486-4884
Manuscripts Fred Bassett,
Paul Mercer
Maps Paul Mercer 474-4461
Mathematics Allan Raney 474-2274
Meteorology Allan Raney 474-2274
Military Science    
Music Paul Mercer 474-4461
New York State Documents    
Oceanology Allan Raney 474-2274
Paleontology Allan Raney 474-2274
Performing Arts Shawn Purcell 474-2274
Philosophy Stephanie Barrett 474-2274
Photography Shawn Purcell 474-2274
Physics Allan Raney 474-2274
Political Science Nancy Horan 474-2274
Psychology Stephanie Barrett 474-2274
Public Administration    
Publishing Shawn Purcell 474-2274
Quotations Shawn Purcell 474-2274
Rare Books    
Religion Valerie Kucan 486-4884
Social Science    
Social Welfare    
Sports Stephanie Barrett 474-2274
Standards, Industry & Military Allan Raney 474-2274
Statistics Allan Raney 474-2274
Urban Studies    
Veterinary Medicine    
Women's Studies    
World History Vicki Weiss 474-4461
Zoology Allan Raney, Cara Janowsky 474-2274
Last Updated: June 18, 2015