General Douglas MacArthur
Memorial Archives and Library Collection

The General Douglas MacArthur Memorial Archives and Library Collection consists of 1,034 rolls of microfilm with information on the War with Japan, World War II, the Korean War and the allied occupation of Japan and includes correspondence, official files, news clippings, speeches, memorabilia, reports, etc.

This microfilm collection covers 20 of the 93 record groups found in the Douglas MacArthur Memorial Archives and Library located in Norfolk, Virginia.

RG-1 Records of the US Military Advisor in the Philippine Commonwealth, 1935-1941
RG-2 Records of Headquarters, US Army Forces in the Far East (USAFFE), 1941-1942
RG-3 Records of Headquarters, Southwest Pacific Area (SWPA), 1942-1945
RG-4 Records of General Headquarters, US Army Forces Pacific (USAFPAC), 1942-1947
RG-5 Records of General Headquarters, Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers (SCAP), 1945-1951
RG-6 Records of General Headquarters, Far East Command (FECOM), 1947-1951
RG-7 Records of General Headquarters, United Nations Command (UNC), 1950-1951
RG-9 Collections of Messages (Radiograms), 1945-1951
RG-10 General Douglas MacArthur's Private Correspondence, 1848-1964
RG-15 Documents donated by the General Public
RG-16 Papers of Major General Courtney Whitney, USA, 1942-1947
RG-20 Papers of General Arthur MacArthur, 1845-1912
RG-21 Papers of Malcolm MacArthur, 1907-1980
RG-22 Papers of Brigadier General H.E. Eastwood, USA, 1942-1953
RG-23 Papers of Major General Charles A. Willoughby, USA, 1947-1973
RG-25 Collections of Periodicals, Newspapers, Newsclippings and Speeches
RG-30 Papers of Lieutenant General Richard K. Sutherland, USA, 1941-1945
RG-31 Papers of Colonel C.E. Skoglund, USA, 1945-1951
RG-43 Papers of Weldon B. Hester
RG-46 Papers of Paul P. Rogers

Items in this collection are available for use on-site and can be borrowed:

  • directly by individuals with a New York State Library Borrower's Card, or
  • via interlibrary loan (through your local library).

The guide to this microform collection is located in the Reference Collection on the 7th floor of the New York State Library. The guide to this collection is also available as a series of Word documents on the Gale website at link.

Guide to the Microfilm Edition of the General Douglas MacArthur Memorial Archives and Library Collection. 20 volumes. Scholarly Resources Inc.: 2006.
NYSL Call number: R 016.355, M1161, 206-5441

The microfilm reels are housed in closed stacks. Material located in closed stacks can be requested for on-site use by submitting a request slip or card at the 7th floor Paging Desk or by sending an email to

General Douglas MacArthur Memorial Archives and Library Collection [microform]. Scholarly Resources Inc: 2002
NYSL Call Number: MB 355.0092, M1161, 206-5441

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